Midtown Snapshots: Sign of the Times


This pretty much sums up Midtown 2008 to a T. Locally owned ice cream place (Blue Pig) gets replaced by a Subway; longest lunch line in the city is for 99 Cent pizza. 43rd Street btw. Lex+3rd


  • A 99 cent slice when it’s fresh out of the oven and oozing hot is one of the greatest cheaps eats.

  • Agreed! Old reheated slices can only be so good, and the 99-cent places always have fresh slices baked straight from the oven.

  • That’s what makes a slice good? – that it’s hot? That photo is a sad sign o the times, brah. Check out the suits near the back of the line! We need to get this economy fixed right quick.

  • That’s pretty funny. I’ve actually only had .99c pizza once. I’m so conditioned to pay ~$2.50 for a slice that I dont trust cheaper pizza.

  • At first I was wowed by this line, then I remembered how Chipotle and Jamba Juice routinely had lines out the door near lunch when I worked in Midtown. You should do a post that shows the longest lunchtime lines in MT.

  • I’m in that line frequently (2 slices and a can of soda for $3 is tough to beat) and that line in the picture is not very typical from my experience. Between noon and 1:00, the line usually has no more than a dozen people, or about a 5-10 minute wait. This month, there is actually a great deal to be had deal… I grab a $.99 cent Jerk Chicken patty at Golden Krust and then walk around the corner and eat my patty in line while waiting for my $.99 slice. Now that is some good value eating!

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