Upscale Japanese Restaurant Converts Naruto to Shinbashi 49

NYC - Midtown - Shinbashi 49
Photo by seraphim1970

Thanks to Gen from Foodies R Goodies for passing this info along.  Naruto Sushi, the take out Japanese place on 49th btw. Mad+5th is now Shinbashi 49.  Operated out of the back of the upscale sushi restaurant of the same name, Naruto was originally designed to be its own separate store, with its own management.  The owners decided that wasn’t working, so now it’s being run by the same people who run Shinbashi on 48th btw. Mad+5th.

I may be on crack, but it looks like there may have been an improvement in the quality of the rice since I wrote about Naruto.  I didn’t try anything, so I don’t know for sure… but if you work in the area, and are looking for decent take out sushi, you could probably do a lot worse than this place.  If you check it out, feel free to comment below.

And for more photos, check out Gen’s post at FoodiesRGoodies


  • You are probably right about the rice. I only went to Naruto once (have not been to shinbashi yet) and the overall quality I thought was pretty bad. It was typical asian sushi, not japanese sushi, if you know what I mean. Hopefully shinbashi will be japanese [take out] sushi quality??

  • I used to eat here daily back in December/January when I was working nearby on Madison — very tasty, not too expensive…beats the pants off of Empire anyday.

  • I went to Naruto a few times, but thats only because me and a bunch of my Naruto friends went. Was pretty fun. We all dressed up like characters from Naruto and ate. But I gotta say, I didn’t really like their food. :/

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