Cart News: Rafiqi’s Raises Prices; Kwik Meal 2 Gone For Good?

It’s like all carts, all the time on Midtown Lunch this week.  Fresh off the heels of our massive Street-Meat-Palooza post comes two big pieces of street meat news.  First up:


The Rafiqi’s on 47th & Madison has raised raised the price of their street meat.  A combo platter is now $5.45.  I’m not sure if this is just this cart or all of them, but I do know that we paid $5 for a combo at the Rafiqi’s on 44th and 5th.  It seems weird that different Rafiqi’s carts would have different prices.  Considering they came in 2nd to last, nobody should care too much about this, although sadly it is probably a sign of more price increases to come.  It joins Kwik Meal as just another addition to our ever expanding Price Hike List.

Speaking of Kwik Meal… 


The famous Kwik Meal empire has gone from 3 carts to 2.  I got a bunch of emails last week asking if I had seen the two Kwik Meal sister carts (Kwik Meal 2 and Kwik Gourmet.)  Kwik Gourmet has returned to 47th and Park, but Kwik Meal 2 is nowhere to be found.  The OG Kwik Meal on 6th Ave. and 45th says that during the summer, they cut back because less people buy the street meat, but the guy in the Kwik Gourmet cart says Kwik Meal 2 is gone for good.  Not sure who is telling the truth, but either way- if you want a lamb pita from Kwik Meal, you’re going to have to settle for the remaining 2 locations for the foreseable future.

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