Midtown Links (Fancy Sorbet Edition)


  • Back from traveling. Did I miss anything?

    The dark chocolate looks like the chocolate ice cream from Berthillon in Paris – best ice cream I ever had. Anyone else try Maison’s version?

  • …….DOH will go mental…theres a Bear paw print in the rasberry.

  • The bear used it as a foothold while he was poking the mango

  • After grabbing a grilled gruyère w/ carmelized onion on rye at ‘wichcraft (think onion soup sandwich…. quite good), I stopped by and nabbed a chocolate ice cream, real dark, rich and dense chocolatey flavor.

    I pazzzzzzed on the sorbet as it looked like it had melted and been refrozen and would’ve involved scraping the bottom of the basin.

    I was offered a caramel something or other sample but, and yes I’m ashamed to admit it, turned it down as I was thinking cold and cloyingly sweet not gooey and cloyingly sweet.

    At ‘wichcraft I also tried the potato salad and grissini (think really crunchy breadstick) PAAZZZZZZZZ

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