According to her profile on the Village Voice blog this morning, Ruth Reichl, the editor of Gourmet Magazine, works in Times Square and loves to eat lunch at Minar (46th btw. 6+7th) and the Chicken & Rice Cart on 43rd & 6th.  “I get white rice, the curried chicken with vegetables and extra red sauce, no white sauce.”  I don’t even understand what the words “no white sauce” mean, but you certainly get extra points for your choice of cart, and the guts to pile on the heat. I should take you to the Jamaican Dutchy.  Are you free tomorrow for lunch?  [Fork in the Road]


  • Go Ruth!

    The 43/6 cart is my fave as well. Beats stuffing out of Kwik Meal.

    Although I’d don’t decline the white. Do get extra chicken ($1+) vegetables (chick peas and cabbage).

  • And the only thing Ruth likes better than a hot lunch is a hot carl

  • dutchy! my old standby. always go for the extra jerk sauce…

  • Ruth Reichl has always confused me.

    How can she see out of that tangled mass of hair?

    Give me Jane Stern any day.

  • I wish he’d cover my eyes with MY hair before he….well….you don’t wanna know. He does occasionally handcuff me (if such things scintillate you) to his life-sized, diapered replica of Roman Polanski, though.

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