At Lunch Now: Free Yogurt Edition

Apparently free cuban food is more of a draw than free frozen yogurt… it’s almost halfway through organic’s free frozen yogurt day (it ends at 3pm), and the scene is oddly calm. There’s more of a line over at Pampano Taqueria.

Wait time at 1pm was under 5 minutes, but they still managed to make it annoying by saying “Welcome to Yorganic, where the toppings are organic” when you order, *and* when they hand you your free frozen
yogurt. Yeah, we get it. It’s organic.

Avoid this by ordering one of the non-organic toppings. I got a pretty surly “Not organic capn crunch.”


  • Well, boys, from the look of that photo now you know where to pick up the secretaries of Midtown.

  • Line was much longer a few minutes ago when I went. Of course, this may be because their yogurt machine was “angry” and needed about 30 seconds of rest between servings.

    But I got my yogurt with ORGANIC pineapples. It was yummy.

  • yeah the wait is a bit longer, but still totally worth it…quite yummy indeed for a FREE mid-afternoon snack. plus, there’s tons of hot chicks waiting in line! :)

  • I was hoping you’d mention that the poor kid had to say that over and over. We felt like we were in a bad SNL skit. But I love that you ordered cap’n crunch.

  • Captain Crunch..figures Zach..ha!

    I had it when I did the photography for them and thought it was pretty darn good. I like the tartness it has.

  • They didn’t quite end at 3. I think I walked out of there with mine at 3:05. And that line was stretched almost out to Pampano’s.

  • Yorganic surpassed 2,500 by 3pm so i think it was on avg more than a 5 minute wait…thanks for all the people that made our Grand Opening so Great! Please come again!

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