Thursday Free Food Alert: Yorganic

On Thursday from 11am to 3pm, Yorganic, a new frozen yogurt place in the same basement food court as Pampano Taqueria, and the new Sophie’s Cuban (which had their own free food day a month ago), will be giving out free servings of their frozen yogurt. 


As you know, we’ve been burned by offers of “free yogurt” before, so I confirmed with the owner- it’s a 5oz serving of yogurt with one topping.  (I don’t know if that’s alot, but i’m pretty sure it’s more than a thimble full.)  As you can see from the flier above, they’ll have another free yogurt day on May 27th from 11am to 3pm, exclusively for the tenants of the building- but it’s unclear exactly how they are going to differentiate from the average freeloaders (check building IDs perhaps?)  Might be worth a shot on the 27th if you work in the building next door- but if you don’t want to chance it, tomorrow is the day.

Thanks to Gracenotes NYC for the orginal heads up…

UPDATE: Plus I totally forgot to mention that our Downtown Lunch Correspondent Daniel Krieger took some sweet ass yogurt photos, and forwarded them along (did we mention he does weddings too?).  Check out the yogurt w/ topping porn, after the jump  

Photos by Daniel Krieger

Man I love free food.


  • Special shout out to everyone at Midtown Lunch. Yorganic is going to be hot!!!

  • Thanks for the pimp-out Zach :)

  • Those are some gorgeous shots, Daniel. I’ve been on a yogurt kick. Looking forward to checking this place out!

  • Checking in on the site from my new job in Hong Kong. Looks like I’ve been missing out on some good free lunches. But I can’t complaint, lunch here in HK are cheaper than NY. Only $3 for a decent Filipino lunch box, chinese lunch box or a japanese beef bowl. Portions on the other hand aren’t as large.

  • Hey Chung, spend the extra 10 honkie and go to Yung Kee. Top quality roast goose for a buck or two more, puts the place on 38th St to shame (and is about a gajillion times cleaner)

  • Checking in from my new job in Hong Kong. Looks like I’m missing out on some freebies in NY. But can’t really complain when I can get $3 lunch boxes here.

  • Thanks for the tip Wayne, I wish there’s a HKlunch website

  • Wow I just checked this place out and the food was great!! Yea New York City is an expensive place to live in but I think the prices are reasonable. I’ll be sure to stop more often now.

  • Tried this place a few days ago and I thought it was AWESOME!!! Consistency was great as well as the taste.

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