Midtown Breakfast: Greatest Breakfast Sandwich of All Time

*** Since this piece was written, breakfast Has Been Discontinued at Goodburger***

As you know, I don’t really write about breakfast in Midtown, mostly because I don’t eat breakfast in Midtown.  Lunch is more my thing.  But occasionally something will come along that just demands to be written about.  Like this, which I noticed on Goodburger’s Breakfast menu:

Whaaaa???  Are you kidding me.  Seriously.  I mean… No you didn’t! Oh, and in case you were wondering, those *are* harsh browns underneath the burger.  Greatest breakfast sandwich of all time?  I’m trembling just thinking about it. 

The real thing, in all its glory, after the jump…

For $5.95, you get hash browns, topped with a hamburger, topped with a fried egg.  $6 may seem like a lot for breakfast, but it comes with a free coffee (making it a slightly better deal), and after one bite, you kind of feel like Goodburger is the one getting ripped off.  I’ve only had it once, so I don’t know if it’s too early to say this… but I think I’m in love.

Despite what the flyer above says, I think they actually serve it until 11am- but I hereby declare it my mission to get this thing added to the Goodburger lunch menu.  And no excuses!  “We don’t time or room on the grill to fry eggs during lunch-”  blah blah blah.  Quit your whining and make it happen Goodburger!  This is how you carve your niche in the Midtown burger scene.  The crabcake sandwich is good, but this takes it another level.

Best… breakfast sandwich… ever.  (Now can I be on your wall?)

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