Free Food Alert: Another Sophie’s Cuban Opening at 11am Today! (Updated)

The New Food Court Sophie’s on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th

This just in courtesy of Midtown Lunch’er “Margot”… the food court that houses Pampano Taqueria (and Pump Energy Kitchen) on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th will be welcoming a new Sophie’s Cuban into its fold today at 11am.  And as always, Grand Opening day at Sophie’s means free food (from the opening at 11am until 2pm).  For those who are uninitiated, the food court is in the basement of 805 3rd Ave., and free food day at Sophie’s is always exciting!  Check out the last one on 41st btw. 7+8th.

Sophie’s Cuban, 805 Third Ave (Lower Level) btw. 49+50th, 212-308-1024

Update: 1:30 PM  They have officially run out of food… the location will open officially tomorrow (Weds) at 10am.  As a side note, because the location is so small, they won’t do any of the cooking on site.  All the food will be brought over from another Sophie’s locations in waves throughout the day, and it will only be open from 10am to 5pm.


  • Never been to one. If I go at 1pm, will it be too late?

  • Sounds like it is on until 2. And there is a decent Mexican place in that ‘mall’.

  • I mean, I’ve never been to a Sophie’s Grand Opening. From the previous ones, can anyone tell me whether the food will be gone, lines will be ridiculous, etc.?

    BTW, the Flyer says Must Present Flyer for Admission.

  • Its definitely worth it to go. The lines move really fast. They have a steady supply of food. If there is seating, its worth it to sit down – they may bring free extras and soda. They give you the flyer while you are on the line.

  • mmmm… it was delicious :)

  • just got mine, about to dig in. they were handing out little empanadas in line (no pork skins, though!). they stopped letting people get in line about 15 min. ago, so guess they’ll be out of food in a few minutes.

  • Don’t bother heading to Sophies – as of 1:30 they are officially out of food. My fault for waiting so long to head over there. Line was huge – security wasn’t even you go downstairs due to the food cutoff.

  • I was able to get in as security was closing the doors at 1ish. People were still trying to get in, so Sophie’s had one of its employees stay on the back of the line to tell people they were closed. After a large group had gathered at the end of the line, they got into it with security and eventually with the owners. However, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. They were allowed to stay on the line and get food.

    The food was delicious, even though they served me a less than full plate, so now I’m still hungry. Good thing I have my honey nut cheerios.

  • Good stuff, a bit pricy, but hey I’m from Jersey…The pernil sandwich is awesome 6.95 I think, so good I can still taste it from last week, just dont get it with mayo and ask for extra sauce on the side.

  • i love sophie’s! since i changed jobs, i’m no longer close to one, but i hear they’re opening one on 23rd street? do you know when that will open (or did i already miss the free food)?? thx!

  • Vicky… I heard it was opening today actually (on 23rd Street)- but I asked if there was free food, and the guy never emailed me back. oh well.

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