Free Food Alert: Sophie’s Cuban on 40th Finally Opening

Disclaimer: This is not live.
Photo from Sophie’s 56th St. Grand Opening, March 2007

Just got word that the Sophie’s Cuban on 40th btw. 7+8th (that we’ve been waiting for since April of Last year!) will have its customary, pre-grand opening “Free Food Day”, tomorrow- Wednesday March 19th.  The restaurant won’t actually be ready to go until late tomorrow afternoon, but they will be bringing in tons of food from their other locations to feed the hordes.

They expect to be ready to go at 11:30am, and will serve a limited menu of free food until it all runs out (they plan on making it until late afternoon, but with Con-Ed still being a question mark, and the food coming from another location, they cannot be positive).    

Unlike the perfect weather at their last grand opening, which made for long lines, tomorrow is looking to be rainy, meaning us die hard free food/Sophie’s fans should be in good shape.  (On the other hand it’s a very short walk from the New York Times building, and we all know how well journalists are paid… so it could be a long lunch.)

What “free food day” got you last March on 56th St., after the jump…

I doubt they’ll have oxtails tomorrow, with their “limited menu”, but whatever…  it’s free!  See you there…


  • eee! just got back from sophie’s impressed w/ the serving size..i adore latin food and while this is not as good as my mom’s cooking, its pretty damn decent…& love that cilantro sauce! mmmm

  • Yup, it’s the real deal. I like how the “sample size” is still a pretty good-sized meal. Zach, it was good to briefly meet you in line (I’m the guy who referred to you as the “celebrity”). Glad to add Sophie’s to the list of options over here.

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