Midtown Links (Expensive Pizza Edition)


  • just had the crabcake sandwich from goodburger, very tasty, good size (unlike that excuse of a lobster roll Cosi had last year), only complaint is that the breadcrumbs were a bit crunchy in spots, over-fried perhaps. $7.95

    also for those interested, their grilled cheese with grilled tomato is delicious.

  • I used to work one block from Naples 45. Their post-2pm $1.50 slices have to be one fo the best deals ever, for a U.S.A. top-10 pizzeria! They do have a really good flavor, with that brick oven almost-burnt flavor.

  • Et Tu, 99 cent pizza?!?

    I shudder to think it.

  • Angie’s Matt – thanks for reporting back on the crab cake. What was the lump crab meat to filler ratio? Please be precise to the thousandth.

    And would everyone please shut up about Naples? There is no such place, they do not offer pizza, and you should NEVER go there after 2pm.

  • There is, there’s a volcano in the bay.

  • And another on the bum, Rudy…

  • My goof. I was confused with Ray’s, which charges $2.50 for slices and it’s the same all day long. I was thinking of another pizza place, back in DC or something. I’ve been to Naples once, but I didn’t even have pizza there. I’m so confused. Ignore my earlier message.

  • DDR: I’d say AT MOST the lump meat is 65.2-70.8%, definately a fair amount of filler, but it’s pretty yummy filler.

  • I think the 99 Cent Fresh Pizza should make a smaller pizza slice so that it can be proportional to the rise in flour price.

  • Ha! They could modify the size of the slices based on the spot price of wheat each morning! Today’s slice is 1/9th of a pie….

  • ugghh. I got thrown by a picture!!
    I tried the Belly Delly Deli Crazy Turkey today because that picture made me drool.
    It was the most disgusting sandwhich I have ever eaten.

    First of all, they forgot the garlic bread, they forgot the dressing, the bacon was $1 extra and tasted disgusting, the sandwhich was soggy…and it cost $10 with tax.

    I am resuming my oath to never walk into a midtown deli ever again.

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