First Look: Zen Burger

Amid rumors of financial problems (the Union Square Zen Palate closed two weeks ago), Zen Burger is scheduled to open the weekend of November 24th on Lexington btw. 45+46th.  Here’s a look at a mock up of the inside:

Courtesy of The Angel Group for Branding & Design

It’s a lot more McDonalds’ish than I expected (down to the photos on the overhead menu, which don’t look like veggie burgers to me).

From the looks of a photo of the entire interior, leaving Zen Burger may require some sort of teleportation (achieving Nirvana perhaps?).  That photo, after the jump…

Courtesy of The Angel Group for Branding & Design

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  • Warning: Dining at Zen Burger may induce seizures. Diner discretion is advised.

  • Apparently, the burgers have LSD.

  • Bloody Hippies DOH will find morocco’s finest in the buns.

  • Daaaaaayy Glow
    Daa a aaay Glow
    Day Glow come and me want go home….

  • The original poster’s remarks (about people’s behaviors at buffets) highlight why my wife and I will NEVER eat at a buffet (restaurant, that is).

    Frankly, I think that people who patronize buffet restaurants (especially so-called Asian buffet restaurants) are gambling with their health.

    And my wife (proprietress of a successful laser hair removal facility) totally agrees with me.

  • The new problem with Zen Burger is, Will it survive the constant changes to the operations management? They got rid of the previous Director of Operations which had the experience, knowledge and vision of what it takes to create a brand and whom had worked with Allen Bernstein from Morton’s chain, with George Naddaff to create Ranch 1, Ramin Kamfar to improve New World Coffee, and James Tanico to create Jimmy’s café’s. Now they have hired a consultant to finish the job James Henzi had started and created. We here that the consultant is making additional changes to make this be more of a grab and go concept than a fast food burger company!!. Where is the “…fresh, most innovative fast food concept that is going to revolutionize the industry”…? as ex-Director of Operation had stated in a conversation!
    I tracked James Henzi down Last Tuesday 11/6/2007 through a resume found at I called him and a side of making some positive general comments about what he expects the brand to do, he refused to say or make any further statements as to the direction or future of Zen Burger.

  • I am vegetarian and I hope zen burger will be going well and open as soon as possible.

  • The previous “Director of Operations” seems pretty bitter about losing his job with Zen Burger which is why he’s posting all of these negative comments while at the same time talking very highly of himself. Gee… i wonder why he was fired?

  • Who cares about all this commentary. When are you going to open Karma? from Where are my vegetarian burgers! can’t wait to try the yam fries. My girl friend and I love the food at Zen palate but we are craving a change!!!

  • You should forget about all this Asian imported foods. Wake up and come to Angelica Kitchen. Now this is great veggie food and safe……great ratings, great taste. no make believe foods.

  • Sorry Lee, I don’t have any “insider” info for you… i’m just another NY vegetarian that cannot wait for this restaurant to open soon… their website says opening in November… I guess we’ll see. I hope that the food tastes good and is inexpensive ’cause there are no decent fast-food type veggie places that i know of in the city.

  • Finally, a healthy, tasty, inexpensive and convenient alternative to the monopoly held by the multinationals that have gradually destroyed the health of this nation over the past 50 years. Kid-friendly and convenient. Fast food without the guilt that one is feeding %#@& to ones children. Will be great to develop this branding across the nation, so that soccer Moms everywhere can get a quick bite for themselves and their screaming kids, which is ACTUALLY GOOD FOR THEM ALL.

    Professor Colin Campbell of Cornell supports this diet (The China Project – Google it), as did Dr Benjamin Spock (the father of Pediatrics).

    Great work Zen Burger – keep it up! As a medical professional (general internist) who actually cares more for my patients than for my income (which is enhanced by the other fast [junk] food places), I fully endorse your efforts at using the free market economy to promote good health, in this country.

    Too often, capitalism (although the least bad of a variety of bad systems) results in the poor being made to suffer, usually in a gradual manner, which is not realized until it’s way too late, and the nation has an obesity and diabetes epidemic on its hands!

    Zen Burger will do more for this country’s health than any federal program has done in years.


  • Oh no, you did not just bring up Dr. Spock!?
    What has this website become???

    Quick, post something about bacon Zack!

  • I am floored by the potential of this concept and will pay a visit very soon to investigate the opening operations. All the very best of luck to you, brave veggie-pioneers!

  • I read a blurb about this place on… can’t wait to check it otu when it opens!

  • Still not open as of yesterday. In fact, it doesn’t even look close to opening yet.

  • who is edward thomas?? no dought another zburger insider!
    How can you comment on something that does not exist????
    kid friendly?? how do you know——-give people the right stear won’t you -duff?? I am across the street five levels up and it does not look like it will open any time soon. I will keep happy with my Hale & Hearty Soups.

  • correction on the comment above. Zen Burger is located on Lexington between 45th & 46th Streets.

  • I stopped into ZenBurger today. The wait was about 30+ minutes for food, which was expected because it was their pseudo-opening day (tomorrow official opening day).
    I ordered a #5, ZenChicken Wrap w/fries. The ZenChicken had the texture and the taste of real chicken and even had cute, little grill marks on the pieces. The sauce in the wrap sort of reminded me of the Big Mac special sauce but more vinegar-y.
    The fries were good, nothing special — reminiscent of Burger King fries.
    Other than that, I’ll probably try a ZenBurger next time because I probably wouldn’t order the wrap again.

  • Went into to Zen Burger today not realizing it had just opened, so it was very crowded. Although, it only took 15 minutes to get my food. Ordered the basic Zen Burger meal w/fries and iced tea. The burger was on the cold side, probably from being prepared way in advance for the swarm of customers. Overall the taste of the burger was pretty good, a decent clone of beef but not dead-on. I was yearning for a cheese clone, but the Zen sauce was a nice substitute.
    Nice selection of alternative beverages; 3 kinds of iced tea.
    All for a price that you would normally see at a fast food joint in the city.

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