Zen Burger Takes the Madness to a Whole New Level


Just when you thought the burger-mania couldn’t get any crazier in Midtown…  the Five Guys on 55th btw. 5+6th is opening on Friday , the Goodburger on 45th btw. 5+6th is opening in mid-November, and Pop Burger is on the way.  Now, the good people at Zen Palate have decided to get in on the action, and why not- vegetarians probably feel left out of the NYC lunch’ing fad that just keeps on giving.

Above is the plywood for the first ”Zen Burger”- opening soon on Lexington between 45+46th.  They plan on serving a whole menu of “healthy” fast food, all of it meat free. This will include meatless chicken and fish sandwiches, patty melts, hot dogs, chicken tenders, shrimp, and 10 (that’s right- 10) different kinds of burgers- all of which promise to “look, feel and taste of meat without the detrimental effects that meat causes to one’s health and the environment”. 

The interviewing finished up yesterday, interviewing is happening next week, so it should be opening soon… thanks to tipster Rafi for the info- and as always if you have any news, info or recommendations, email them to zach@midtownlunch.com


  • ‘Meatless’ chicken and fish.

    Sausage dodging nutcases.

    It’ll be full of beardy weirdies listening to Bjork on there low carbon footprint Ipods.

    Hate them. HATE THEM!!!

    Also McDonalds have cornered the market as none of their products contain beef.

    Must go, i’ve a polar bear in the Aga.

  • Is the mid-November opening date for Goodburger confirmed? I walk by nearly every day and while progress is being made, it is moving at a glacial pace (they put in a backsplash and a bar/counter type thing but that’s all so far). Also half the time no one is in there or else there is one guy only. Any intel greatly appreciated!

  • “the detrimental effects that meat causes to one’s health” is the whole fucking reason you order a burger in the first place!

    wait no; on second thought, i’ll take a veggie burger, a dozen o’doul’s, and maybe handful of placebo vicodins. that sounds like a party.

    i’ll be at five guys, thanks just the same.

  • whatevs, to all you guys. I am so freaking psyched I will totally hop on the 6 train for that shit! Also, hello! Slammin’ tempura yam fries anyone?

  • ‘Shit!’

    How apt.

  • Did someone say Tempura?
    Hell, I’ll eat practically anything as long as it’s battered and deep fried.

  • Mamacita: they have them with the regular Zen Palate Veggie Burger at the Union Square location, so fingers crossed they’ll bring that feature uptown!

  • Oh noes! The Union Square location is closing? Wherever will I get my Shredded Heaven?

  • Like, hello! I didn’t know it was possible to use so many slang cliches in just 25 words. Totally!

  • Sarah…not true. Not only do they not have the burger or tempura at the Union Square location, they have nothing. I read that it closed down very recently, but that their two other locations are still open.

    I’ll never be mistaken for a vegetarian, but the food I really liked Zen Palate when I went there once. Good food is good food, so I’ll be interested to try this place out (plus I’m all for anything new in the Grand Central area).

  • Imitation meat should be banned under the Patriot Act.

  • DDR, Shredded Heaven is *food*not slang, duh. And in the future: Totes. Not totally, what is the 80s? This is the 21st century, we don’t have time for whole words!

  • That’s US high school ejucashun for you.

  • Naw that’s a Masters at a major University. I is an Intellkshual.

  • In? They do a Degree in Eminen(sp) now?

  • Madness? THIS IS MIDTOWN!!!

  • Stoked for the opening of Zen Burger!
    To Nate and fatty McBagel; what the
    fu*k do you care about what others eat? Do you also tell people that they are following the wrong religion? Get a life douche bags and post on another topic.

  • What is happening at Zen Burger, Where is the Director of Operations, James Henzi. The companie’s rumors of financial problems, James Tu’s frantic search for investors for his new concept?. Zen Palate taking a dive in a sea of red ink. Labor problems, bill collectors at the door?

  • Zen Burger Rules!

  • I just spoke to one of the people at Zen Burger. They now expect to open January 3, 2008.

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