And Katagiri Makes Three (ways to get Chiyoda Sushi in Midtown)

It’s just outside of the “official” Midtown Lunch Boundaries, but I’ve been meaning to make it up to Katagiri for awhile- hearing for months now that it’s a pretty sweet Japanese Market on 59th btw. 2+3rd.  When I finally made it up there, I was surprised to find that the sushi and bentos available for purchase during lunchtime, are actually supplied by Chiyoda Sushi, one of the Trinity on 41st btw. Madison & 5th, and a Midtown Lunch favorite.

I have already written a ton on Chiyoda, not only about the actual store on 41st, but also about their super fantastic online bento ordering service, and their “delivery guy” who sells them on the street (50th St. btw. 6+7th) during lunch.  Well, Katagiri is now the third place in the area you can buy Chiyoda stuff, and is a great option for anyone working on the Upper west hand corner of Midtown.

Photos after the jump…

Because it is just a kiosk, the selection is obviously not going to be as large as Chiyoda itself, but they have some pretty tasty options…

The day I was there they had all sorts of goodies, ranging from tofu salad and soba noodle salad to tempura, sushi bento boxes and the fancy little sashimi boxes that set the actual store on 41st apart from its Japanese neighbors.  Some things can be a little pricey, but if you are looking for a higher quality of Japanese bentos, it is worth it.

For a complete +/-, check out the Original Post on Chiyoda… with two extra minuses:

  • A lot of the food is not made on premise, so it’s not going to be as fresh as what you get at the Chiyoda on 41st. 
  • The selection is not going to be as large.   

Other then that, it’s a keeper!

Chiyoda Sushi inside Katagiri Japanese Market, 224 E. 59th St. (btw. 2+3rd), 212-755-3556


  • Looks lovely,Zach.

    Wish we had similar places in London,……….well we do…but a smallish Japanese polpulation in london dosn’t help with the quest for good sashimi despite the fact of Billingsgate fish market. Ho hum.

    We do Fry a lovely Bit o Cod tho :)

  • i only go to chiyoda to get the japanese potato salad. oishii, ne?

  • BTW, I know there’s no hope of them delivering to *me*, but I can’t find anywhere on Chiyoda’s bento site the delivery zone!! Any idea?

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