Bulgogi Cart Makes TONY’s Cheap Eats Issue!?!?

The Bulgogi Cart on 49th btw. 6+7th Ave. popped up in Time Out New York’s Cheap Eats Issue yesterday, in what can only be referred to as a huge surprise.  Now, I know I’ve written about this cart a ton, and I want to love it, I really do, but it’s just not that great.  It’s gotten better, and I’m sort of into their kalbi & japchae- but overall, to put it in a Street Food category with the likes of Otafuku & the Red Hook Ballfields is a huge stretch.  I wouldn’t travel too far out of my way for this one.  It’s not even the best cart serving Bulgogi in Midtown, which I think is probably Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart.  But NY Magazine already wrote about that one, and I’m guessing the editors at TONY were looking for something new.  In the end, crap like this makes me call into question all the other places in the issue.  Here are some of the other Midtown spots they mentioned:

  • Bread & Olive (45th btw. 5+6th) - Your standard Middle Eastern Fare from Lebanon.  TONY recommends the Stuffed Grape Leaves.
  • Go Go Curry (38th btw. 7+8th) – Japanese spot with four kinds of curry over rice.  TONY recommends… the curry!
  • AQ Cafe (Park Ave. & 38th) – This Aquavit owned Scandanavian cafe is pretty awesome.  I ate there a few weeks ago, and plan on writing about it soon.  TONY recommends the Smorgasbord.
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar (42nd & Park, Grand Central) – TONY puts this one (along with the AQ Cafe in a “Gourmet” category, and suggests you order the Oyster Pan Roast for $9.95.

And that’s it.  For cheap desserts they recommended these 3, available in Midtown:

  • Treats Truck – Ah yes.  We are all too familiar with the amazing Treats Truck.  They have been at 38th & 5th on Weds or Thurs. for the past few weeks, and will be there again today (because of the steam explosion they will not be at that location today).  Check www.treatstruck.com for locations.
  • Landmarc (Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle) – The Cotton Candy.  Free for kids, $3 for adults.  According to TONY they have different flavors every day, including Pink Vanilla, Cherry, grape, lime & tangerine.
  • Prime Burger (51st btw. 5th+Madison) – The Coconut Layer Cake.  Now that sounds interesting… 

A few more reommendations slightly out of bounds for Midtown Lunch’ing, but sound like they may be worth the walk.  After the jump…

  • Tehuitzingo Deli (10th Ave. btw. 47+48th) – This Mexican Grocery is right around the corner from my apt., and pretty amazing.  TONY recommends the Carnitas Taco & the Beef Taco, and I concur.
  • Tiffin Wallah (28th & Lexington) – $6 Indian Buffet.  Do you need to know anything more?  I never wanted to work on Lexington in the 30s more than right now.


  • Tehuitzingo also sells Sley’s paletas, which saves the trip out the D train. They’re not the best I’ve had (Las Paletas in Nashville wins that award) but they’re good for NYC.

  • Treats Truck hasn’t posted whether it’ll be at 38th! The site says Thurs, July 19 TBA. Oh, why do you tease?

    Just confirmed that because of the Steam Explosion they will not be parking there today.  Check for them next week.  -zach

  • Yeah, AQ Cafe rocks, been going there for many years. They are right, the smorgasbord is the best. You better get over to ‘Piece of Chicken’ on 45 + 9 before they do…

  • another chance for the treats truck to come up to the east 50′s! it passed me last week as they were looking for a parking spot, and i was filled with treatastic anticipation. but alas, they couldn’t find a good parking space, and they fled to the uws.

  • Since I do work in the 30s (midtown cusp as I’ve been referring to it on this site) I have to say, yes, it is great lunch-wise, but sadly I didn’t think that the Tiffin Wallah buffet was very good. A little salty and acidic for my tastes. I would recommend paying the extra $1 and going to Chennai Garden. Also I’m very much looking forward to Saravanaas as was recommended by India last week! Yay!

  • Treats Truck = Girlie Food.

  • Girlie food = delicious in this case. Though if the Treats Truck wanted to throw a little spicy heat into that Mexican brownie I might buy 2 a week…

  • Take this Explosive chance and go explore!!

    Yes Nyc’ians………. walk past the chipotles.the starbucks.

    Eat at a cart!!!, and in the line tell eat other hoe much ya earning!!!

  • I am dying for the Treats Truck to make it up to the 50s as well. Come oonnnn…59th & Madison, woohoo!

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