Midtown North (FINALLY!) Gets Some Treats Truck Action



After two consecutive Wednesdays on 38th St., the Treats Truck is finally hitting Midtown North.  It will be somewhere in the 50s today (6/27) selling their delicious (and reasonably priced) cookies, brownies and other assorted goodies.  Check back here later in the morning for the exact location.  As soon as they set up shop, I’ll let you know!

UPDATED 1:06 PM: They are still looking for the perfect spot.  Should be any minute now.  As soon as I know, you will. 

UPDATED 1:42 PM: Finally!!!  The Treats Truck is at 47th & Lexington.  Enjoy!

UPDATED 3:55 PM:  The Treats Truck will be there until at least 5:30pm tonight, possibly longer if there are a ton of people out.  For those in Midtown South who missed out today, don’t worry- The Treats Truck will be back at 38th & 5th tomorrow! (6/28)

Need a reason to get excited for the Treats Truck?  How about a peanut butter sandwich cookie… after the jump



More treats from the Treats Truck, on the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Page.


  • PB choco sandwich = nice :)

  • more Treats Trucks are needed, more than ever!

  • Caramel Creme Sandwich, Sugar Dots, Oatmeal Choco Chip Cookies were fresh, buttery, and fantastic. You will question the $1 or more price for 1 cookie, but after you try it you will understand. Very good.

  • went to the treats truck today and got lots of cookie goodness. it was GREAT!!

    - caramel creme cookie minis (tasted delish – like maple syrup. these were my fave)
    - dots (buttercream frosting is amazing)
    - pb sandwich cookie with chocolate (liked this and liked that this wasn’t too sweet)
    - pb sandwich cookie with pb filling (liked this, and it’s great for a late-night snack!)

    the ladies at the truck are also very nice :D
    i’m going again as soon as i can!

  • It’s been several months since I read about Treats Truck and yesterday, I finally made it to the 38th/5th truck.
    I was forced to join my team at Quizno’s and I needed to counteract that lunch with cookies.
    I saw someone inside Quizno’s with the treats truck box and asked them about the trucks whereabouts….which was just steps away. I got 1 sugar cookie with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, 1 caramel creme sandwich with vanilla frosting, and 1 chocolate chip brownie with nuts.
    The caramel creme sandwich was eaten immediately.
    The sugar cookie I wanted to save for an afternoon snack, but I ate it about 30 minutes later.
    And the brownie was for my boyfriend…but instead, I ate that on the train.
    All in all, phenomenal.

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