Midtown North (FINALLY!) Gets Some Treats Truck Action



After two consecutive Wednesdays on 38th St., the Treats Truck is finally hitting Midtown North.  It will be somewhere in the 50s today (6/27) selling their delicious (and reasonably priced) cookies, brownies and other assorted goodies.  Check back here later in the morning for the exact location.  As soon as they set up shop, I’ll let you know!

UPDATED 1:06 PM: They are still looking for the perfect spot.  Should be any minute now.  As soon as I know, you will. 

UPDATED 1:42 PM: Finally!!!  The Treats Truck is at 47th & Lexington.  Enjoy!

UPDATED 3:55 PM:  The Treats Truck will be there until at least 5:30pm tonight, possibly longer if there are a ton of people out.  For those in Midtown South who missed out today, don’t worry- The Treats Truck will be back at 38th & 5th tomorrow! (6/28)

Need a reason to get excited for the Treats Truck?  How about a peanut butter sandwich cookie… after the jump



More treats from the Treats Truck, on the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Page.


  • Girlie food.

  • The above comment from Rudy McBagel is freakin’ hilarious!

  • The peanut butter cookie is horrible. Do not buy the peanut butter cookie, there are always so few of them because no one likes the peanut butter cookie.

  • It’s true, the peanut butter cookie is not very good. Sure, it looks tasty and delicious but it’s actually POISON! So, um, don’t buy any ok? Thanks.

  • It’s not a good way to increase readers of your blog by encouraging them to eat peanut butter cookies. I will take one for the team and go to the Treats Truck and eat all the peanut butter cookies to prevent anyone else from making a mistake.

  • anyone know where they are now?


    As of 11:18am they are still not set up yet.  As soon as they are, I’ll post it.  -zach

  • Anxiously waiting…

  • This is useless to midtown lunch, but they get around on the weekends too – They were up at Columbus around 86th last Saturday afternoon.

  • Aw man, I’m trying to wait to see where the Treats Truck will be so I can decide where I’m going to get lunch. This is killing me…


    It’s killing all of us… but don’t worry.  You know they’re trying… -zach

  • I suggest 46th and 6th. Which has nothing to do with where I work. Nothing.

    And I better get one of those peanut butter cookies this time.

  • if we are suggesting locations, how about next to the Jiannetto’s Pizza truck on Park Ave? that would be delicious

  • They are on 47th and Lexington (I thought they said in the 50s!)

  • So I checked the site for the location around 12:30. Forgot to check back when going for a late lunch. low and behold as i walk down 47th street a line is already forming as she’s parking the truck. the treats gods smiled upon me. outstanding chocolate chip with nuts. saving the pb sandwich for later.

  • Still bloody girlie food.

  • hi guys,

    Well, yesterday was our first day parking higher up midtown. Next time, we will find a good one earlier in the day. We’ll pray to the parking gods! Regarding the peanut butter cookie, I am surprised. People usually love our peanut butter sandwich cookie. I often run out. I, personally, love the double pb with pb filling. If you are one of the people who was not as pleased, stop by the truck and let me know. I’ll give you a free cookie of your choice.

  • was the pb comment in earnest or did I need my morning cup of coffee before reading? Either way, thanks for stopping by the truck.


    I think there was an attempt to hoard the pb cookies yesterday…  -zach

  • Kim – I’m guessing that Sam’s PB cookie comments were completely in jest. I stopped by yesterday afternoon for the first time, and I thought both the PB sandwich cookie and the special PB cookie with chocolate chunks were both awesome (and definitely worth getting a glass of milk for). I looking forward to repeat visits!

  • Thurs 6/28 12:30pm – They’re at 38th and 5th. Tried the PB chocolate sandwich – to die for!! The mexican brownie (has cinnamon) is exactly the way I like a brownie – soft and just a little chewy, melts in your mouth, with a little crispiness to the top. Sampled the choc chip cookie – will definitely be going back for that!!

  • I can confirm that the PB sandwich cookie is just awful. And the standard chocolate chip cookie and the sugar dots were also quite heinous. I hated every luscious, highly caloric bite.

    The truck will supposedly be there until six, so naturally I won’t be going back for the Mexican brownie. Nope. Definitely not.

  • PLEASE come further uptown! Those of us near 59th/60th & Madison also need PB cookies!

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