Hallo Berlin Cart… back in business!

For German sausage freaks, July 2006 was a terrible month.  Not only did you have to watch your Football (aka Soccer) team lose in the Semi-Finals of the World Cup in their home country- but you had to suffer the indignity of not being able to drown your sorrows in a delicious bratwurst during lunch time.

Well, there’s good news.  As of yesterday, the Hallo Berlin Cart is back and operating at it’s usual spot on 54th st. & 5th Ave.  Back from their annual July trip to Germany, the Babiel Brothers’ cart is back open (as usual) from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm and serving up the best German sausage Midtown has to offer.  Choose from 10 different kinds of sausages, in all sorts of different combos. 

Our favorites (for no other reason then our love for the pictures of Kennedy & Mao Zedong): The Dictator or Democracy Special.  Dictator special… you get no choice.  One Berliner frank, one bratwurst.  Topped with German fries, cabbage, onions and crusty bread for 6 bucks.  The Democracy Special…  your choice (obviously) of any two wurst, covered in German fries, cabbage, onions and 2 pieces of Bavarian meatballs.  Served with crusty bread for $8.

I’ll save my review of the cart, and the +/- for another time…  see you on line this afternoon!  After all, what could be better then eating sausage, outside in 97 degree heat!


  • OMG -Your blog is a godsend. The food in this area sucks.
    As an fyi – Daisy May’s is tasty – but spendy.

  • rats! I had a bet with some people that you would be lunching at the Mister Softee today.

    always excellent info; you are a prince among men.

  • A colleague just went up there a few minutes ago and couldn’t find it. Is it still there? He asked one of the vendors on the street and the guy said they are no longer there. Update?

  • i encountered the same problem — i’m now full of mediocre halal lamb instead of delicious sausage!

  • It was there today… 54st a little west of 5th avenue.

  • NEIN, mein kleine midtownlunch boy. Precise coordinates, bitte! I went for a fruitless lunchenmarch only to find the usual krap karts at 54 and 5th Ave.

  • That’s crazy… I wonder if some days he just doesn’t show up. The cart is just West of 5th Ave. on 54th St. on the North Side of the Street…

  • Excellent sausage cart, and that is very long compliment because I have been living in Germany for the past five years.

  • Try getting their “Double Soul Food” combo, and you’ll see how
    you’ll be served a plain hot dog in lieu of a bratwurst…

    The crass owner’s half-wit brother that now works there will try to explain to you in retarded Nazinglish how “No Substituuution Iss Possibl!” while fishing out and cutting up a cheap hot dog right in front of you in in broad daylight!!

    The best thing about this truck is that it serves as a vivid example that some of the worst riffraff are imported from our cherished Europe to threaten the standards and values of our civilization…

  • Hallo Berlin — your food sucks!@

  • Checked out the Hallo Berlin Cart on your rec. Good food but amazing slow (aren’t German’s supposed to ultra efficient) and the guys were filming some German TV documentary while serving so I guess that didn’t help. Expensive for what you got, hungry again in an hour.
    That being said your website is a godsend

  • Beautiful cart… complete with cast iron skillets, picnic table “cloths” and Lufthansa umbrellas.

    Two sausages diced with potatoes, onions, and cabbage & a “crusty” roll, $7. So far, the perfect mid-town lunch, alas I’veonly had about five so far, but how much better can it get in this place?

    I hereby grant the Hallo Berlin Cart an “A” for excellent service, price, taste, and of course – decor.

  • Yo this is awesome… type of meal to put a little hair on your chest too. nice. I think you’ve made the cart too popular though.. his prices went up about 2 bucks on items. Regardless, still an experience, not to miss. And what’s up with the guy who runs the cart.. he’s intense.. what’s the scoop on him?

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