Hallo Berlin Cart…. M.I.A.!!!

The Northwest corner of 54th st. & 5th avenue was surprisingly empty today.  Normally it is home to the infamous Hallo Berlin Cart, THE place for German sausage in town.  I figured what better time to review it… one day after the German soccer (football if you want to be a snob about it) team was knocked out of the World Cup.  I was hoping the Cart could bring solace to any fans of German soccer looking to drown their sorrows in one of the best German delicacies the city has to offer.

But the cart was nowhere to be found… and I can’t help but wonder, if yesterday’s game has anything to do with this?  Is it possible that Rolf Babiel was too depressed to come to work today?

Hoping to get to the bottom of this, I phoned Hallo Berlin’s actual restaurant on 10th Avenue and 44th street… but they were no help.  Partially because whoever answered didn’t speak english very well, but even after my question was finally understood, they told me the cart should be there.

Anyway, sorry to all the German Soccer fans looking for solace today… the actual restaurant is open, if you want to drown your sorrows with a beer after work- but the cart’s whereabouts are a mystery for now…

Hallo Berlin Cart, Usually at the Northwest Corner of 54th St. & 5th Avenue

Hallo Berlin the Restaurant, 626 10th Ave. btw. 44th & 45th st., 212-541-6248  


  • I can tell you where the cart is as I spoke to him about 3 weeks ago. He (Rolf) has been in Germany for the last few weeks. He went for the world cup and should be back soon.

  • Well, I guess mystery solved then…. or is it????

  • Rolf always goes to Germany in the summer. Usually in July. He’ll be back.

  • Apparently I’m the last one to find out everything! Hopefully he’ll be back next week… I can’t believe the person who answered the phone at the restaurant didn’t know he was in Germany.

  • yes, germany nice place to visit for WC but…


    Hope you find your cart again soon.

  • He had a sign up saying that the cart will be gone for the whole month of July, but will be back August 1st.

  • I don’t know if I can wait that long!

  • Rolf has a fab restaurant upsate also

  • Hey, I am German and wondering what a Berliner Frank’s supposed to be?! There is no such thing over here. A Berliner is an un-holey donut with jam in the place where the hole is supposed to be :-) and a Frankfurter is a thin long thing (sausage, I mean). Another thing you can’t find over here is kraut with a sausage to go. They simply don’t serve that together! Fast-food stands and places will serve you a Thüringer (kind of spicy and delicious long thin sausage), a Rote (thick, red, salty), a Weißwurst (or Weißwurscht, as the Bavarians say – a thick white, kind of rubbery in texture and bland in flavor) or a Frankfurter. Each with a Brötchen (roll) or potato salad. German sourcrout is served with a grill platter, sausage platter and/or pork chops. Quick recipe for the real (good) stuff: Sourcrout NOT cooked into a gooey yucky mass, but cooked al dente, so to speak, with half a cup of white wine, a chopped apple, a chopped onion (first fried in pork larder). Add pork larder (fat) and white wine to your liking, you may also add a teaspoon of sugar, and season (salt, onion powder if you want to). It’s sooo good. The “kraut” they serve with hot dogs in the U.S. is yucky in comparison!
    The only other “German” restaurant I sampled in CT was not authentic, either. And definitely (please!!!) forget about the German Casino (some “Castle”) in Vegas – the food was horrible, and the waitress’s “German” name Heidi was misspelled (i.e. “Hiedi”). Not that she noticed… Oh please.
    Other than that – love your blog!

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