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Dizengoff Knows the Meat on Hummus Trick

Solomonov is back with another food gimmick that works too well to make you mad at it. Across from his chicken and donuts shop is the newest mini-restaurant, Dizengoff, a hummusiya. Like a savory, chick pea based ice cream shop, you get to pick your topping.  Although I am a life long member of Team Baba Ganoush, I knew this particular hummus would be a nosh worth spending my gelt on.  Dizengoff, named after a super hip shopping area in Tel Aviv, bring some hipness to Sansom Street with its open entrance, colorful tiled and mirrored walls, and baseball card ordering system. A few tables are located in front of the counter, though its more of a take out spot.

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Lunch Links (The “Leftover Candy Binging” Edition)

Sizzling Wok’s chicken and noodles 

  • On its list of power business lunches, Zagat includes The Capital Grill and Devon, which I can get behind, but also Marathon [Zagat]
  • Small plates at Devil’s Den mostly pleased Phoodie [Phoodie]
  • Trey Popp of Philly Mag agrees with Midtown Lunch that the Sauteed Spicy Chicken & Noodle at Sizzling Woks is one of the best dishes there [Philly Mag]
  • Penn Appetit recommends Mezze’s sandwiches in Reading Terminal, though I could think of a few better options there if sandwiches are what you seek [Penn Appetit]

Choose the Veggie Burger over the Beef at serves organic and kosher burgers on South Street in a bright, modern setting. Haters of beef will be please to find that veggie, chicken, turkey, and fish burgers are also on the menu. The base price for each burger, regardless of what died to make it, is $6.95. The prices go up from there with the toppings you choose.

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A Taste of Israel in Rittenhouse

Over the summer I got to see the sights and taste the foods of Israel. When a friend from my trip came to visit, I had to pick a place that would allow us to reminisce about our time there. Philly has a fair amount places to enjoy falafel, but after hearing from so many sources that Mamma’s Vegetarian was the absolute best in town, it was the perfect reason to visit.

It was a good sign when we were greeted just how we would be in an Israeli falafel place, with a sample ball of falafel shoved in our faces.

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To-Go Specials at Glatt Delight: Glatt Delight recently rolled out some to-go specials with $6 shawarma on pita and $4 falafel on pita. I am liking these lowered prices.

Israeli-Turkish Grub at Hamifgash (it’s ok if you can’t pronounce it)

The pictures on the walls of Hamifgash caught my eye as I walked by recently, with promises of both Israeli and Turkish food and some intense giant pictures of shwarma. Unfortunately for me, it was Shabbot and the kosher restaurant was closed. I vowed to return on a less holy day.  On my return trip, the waitress, who must have also been an owner, told me she was Israeli, while her husband is Turkish- explaining how the combo restaurant came about a few years ago.  The menu leans more towards the Israeli influence, though  the main courses of grilled meats are typical to Middle Eastern cuisine in general. A few Turkish appetizers are squeezed in there, but I wish there were more. I was hugely disappointed when I found out they no longer sell lahmacun (Turkish meat pizza). The waitress explained there was just no real customer interest. That is a real shame- so I urge all Philly lunchers to get down to Hamifgash and request for lahmacun- dough, meat, spices, what is not to like about that? Great lunching potential that we are missing out on.

But on to the food they do serve…

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Glatt Delight’s Turkey Shwarma in Laffa

It was Glatt Delights’  shady handwritten sign that intrigued me. The kosher restaurant formally known as Maccabeam is serving the same type of Israeli style meat platters, sandwiches, and vegetables as its predecessor. (In fact the menus still say Maccabeam on them) According to the chef Shaqil, Glatt Delight is the only place in Philly to get fresh baked laffa (think thick, chewy pita); behind the counter you can peek at the special laffa oven. Table service is available, or you can do what I did and get an order to go.

[Edit: As a reader points out, Zahav in Old City bakes up laffa as well]

A lunch special consisting of an entree and soup is offered, but it is a few dollars over the $10 mark, I instead went with the shwarma in laffa.

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