Get Your Oyster Po Boy On at Beck’s in Reading Terminal


Beck’s Cajun Café opened inside Reading Terminal a few months ago serving as their main attraction… po boy sandwiches! Though Beck’s has so many great choices (gumbo! jambalaya! beignets!), it was all about the oyster po boy for me this trip. I came ready to indulge.


All the po boys are served on toasted bread with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a touch (I wouldn’t mind a touch more) of Creole mayo. Though the oysters are no freshly shucked on the half shell beauties, I promise these huge juicy briny guys will make you happy. I don’t mind breading on the heavy side, as it was in this case, as long the final product is not greasy, and here the oysters were most definitely not greasy. The oyster po boy and a side of decent sticky cornbread cost me exactly $9.99.


If  bivalves aren’t your things, there’s always the shrimp po boy. It’s served in the same manner, but the fat shrimp have a smidge less breading.


Based on the two po’boys I’ll definitely be back to try some of their other dishes, like the muffaletta and the alligator (!?) sausage po’boy. Thankfully Becks is generous with their samples, and so I got a taste of the alligator sausage. It was nicely spiced and surprisingly light. Has anyone tried the full sandwich? I can’t imagine how it could be bad.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I love po’boys and you can’t get a good one anywhere in Philly
  • I love me some alligator sausage!

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I do not like fried things
  • They’re not as good as the real thing in New Orleans
  • The though of eating anything made from an alligator… (We’ll also accept: “I am a vegetarian”)
  • Cash only

Beck’s Cajun Cafe, Reading Terminal Market (Stall C-8)



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    Yum…your post may have made me drool a little. I’ve been looking for a yummy place to try at Reading Terminal, and this might have to be the next place I go to!

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    Great posts Jamie, the site looks awesome. Becks is pretty legit, you’re right. For the soup fans out there, their cajun chicken chowder is tasty and really hearty.

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