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Dizengoff Knows the Meat on Hummus Trick

Solomonov is back with another food gimmick that works too well to make you mad at it. Across from his chicken and donuts shop is the newest mini-restaurant, Dizengoff, a hummusiya. Like a savory, chick pea based ice cream shop, you get to pick your topping.  Although I am a life long member of Team Baba Ganoush, I knew this particular hummus would be a nosh worth spending my gelt on.  Dizengoff, named after a super hip shopping area in Tel Aviv, bring some hipness to Sansom Street with its open entrance, colorful tiled and mirrored walls, and baseball card ordering system. A few tables are located in front of the counter, though its more of a take out spot.

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Get the Steak at Agno

The folks from Pure Fare brought another concept to Center City last May. Like Pure Fare, the food is fast and healthy. At Agno, the set up is creating your own bowl up at the counter and wait just a few minutes while its all put together. Choose from a base of spinach, black rice, or a wrap. Bowls come with a protein, 3 toppings, and a sauce. The price will be based on your protein, plus any extra topping or sauces.

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Baklava Cafe, South Street’s Newest Mediterranean Spot

Baklava Cafe opened last week on South Street with welcoming open window seating and a selection of Mediterranean pastries and platters.

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