Mezze’s Soup and Salad Combo

I was running late for something very important and impressive and a quick and easy lunch at Mezze, right in the middle of Reading Terminal, fit the bill.

They have several lunch combo possibilities, with half sandwiches, small salads, etc. For the sake of saving time, carbs, and money, I chose the cheaper combo ($7)- a small salad and a soup.

You get a choice of dressings and 2 toppings for the salad. I got a mixed greens salad with feta, a really nice sundried tomato dressing, and some off tasting roasted tomatoes that I threw out. I actually enjoyed the dressing so much that I was less upset about the tomato situation.

I liked my chicken and veggie soup; it was thick and very creamy, probably too creamy to accomplish my goal of a healthier lunch. If lemon was added it would have resembled a Greek avgolemono soup. A square of focaccia to dip ensured that I was full. Not a bad munch for a time crunched lunch.

Mezze, Reading Terminal, 12th and Arch, 215 922 2707


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  • I am always tempted by the sandwiches there, but I have an aversion to pre-made jawns. I have tried a couple, and eh. But that soup looks pretty hearty. I might just ask for a container of that dressing and a piece of bread.

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