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Nino’s 46 Introduces Cheaper Lunch and To Go Menu

The last time we visited Nino’s 46 (formerly Nino’s Trattoria), it had just reopened and we’ll sheepishly admit that we may have complained a bit about their new, pricier menu. Well they must have been listening, because this week Nino’s 46 began offering a lunch menu that doubles as an all day to-go menu. And we’re pleased to report this new menu has plenty of items under $10. The “Classic Nino’s Heros” include their chicken parm, meatball parm, eggplant parm, shrimp parm, and sausage & peppers, and are all between $7 and $9. Also listed are several salads, sandwiches, and a good selection of breakfast items (that look delicious) for under $10. Thanks Nino’s, we’ll be heading back soon.

It’s Confirmed: The New Nino’s 46 is Less of a Midtown Lunch Than the Original

Along with many Midtown Lunchers, I’ve been walking past Nino’s 46, formerly Nino’s Trattoria, waiting for signs of it opening for many months. Finally it has undergone a soft opening, but to our dismay the menu had become far more expensive. Lunchers, I’m here to report: our fears that Nino’s Trattoria reincarnation Nino’s 46 is no longer a Midtown Lunch are pretty much confirmed. My coworker and I dropped by this week anyway to give it a shot.

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Nino’s Finally Reopens With a New(ish) Menu

The opening of Nino’s Trattoria, now named Nino’s 46 (46th between 5th and 6th), has had many Midtown Lunchers waiting with bated breath after a long repair/remodel after a fire. Back when Zach gave it the full Midtown Lunch treatment in 2009, it hadd a great chicken parm and you could find many menu items under $10. Luncher arastaman003 tipped us off in another post that Nino’s 46 had opened its doors, but with a new menu that makes it hard to find food under the $10 limit (although word is, the menu is going to expand in a few weeks).

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Nino’s Finally Going to Reopen As Nino’s 46?

Fans of Nino’s (46th btwn 5th and 6th), the well known Midtown Lunch spot known for their great chicken parm, have been waiting over a year and half for the place to reopen after the place fell victim to a fire.  And we’re glad to report that finally some real progress has been made. Yesterday, we spotted some goings-on outside the old restaurant location, including a banner sporting their new name, Nino’s 46, and advertising brick-oven pizza. We asked the guys working on the storefront if they knew when Nino’s 46 would re-open, and they couldn’t give any definitive answers. But we’ll stay on the case!

Nino’s Shuttered By a Fire Over the Weekend

Terrible news from Lunch’er Chris about one of our oldest Midtown Lunches… “Nino’s on 46th btwn 5th and 6th burned down this weekend!!  Apparently early saturday they had a grease fire and the whole place went up.  There were only a few tables and everyone got out safely.  I just sat with the lady who owns it hugging her as she stood outside with the widows boarded up.  They were always the most friendly people and made you really feel at home.  Not to mention they had great pasta and sandwiches as well.  She says they plan to reopen, although not sure when.”

Nino’s Is a Hidden Chicken Parm Gem (Only To Me)

Nino’s Special Chicken Sandwich is a Pleasant Surprise

During Zach’s neverending search for the best chicken parm sandwich in Midtown, he came across Nino’s (46th btw. 5+6), a good, cheap Italian place that served up one of the better chicken parms he tried. I never had much reason to check the place out, until I walked by one day recently and they were advertising a special chicken sandwich with fresh mozzarella and hot peppers. That seemed worth checking out…
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