Nino’s Shuttered By a Fire Over the Weekend

Terrible news from Lunch’er Chris about one of our oldest Midtown Lunches… “Nino’s on 46th btwn 5th and 6th burned down this weekend!!  Apparently early saturday they had a grease fire and the whole place went up.  There were only a few tables and everyone got out safely.  I just sat with the lady who owns it hugging her as she stood outside with the widows boarded up.  They were always the most friendly people and made you really feel at home.  Not to mention they had great pasta and sandwiches as well.  She says they plan to reopen, although not sure when.”

Nino’s Is a Hidden Chicken Parm Gem (Only To Me)


  • From fire is born something new. /Phoenix reference

  • A co-worker of mine went out to grab us some sandwiches and came back with this news today. Terrible. Nino’s!!!! Come back better than ever!!! I hope your fire insurance is top notch!!

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    Such sad news!! We love you Nino’s – please come back soon.

    P.S. So much better than Park Italian, any day!

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    Looks like Nino’s started re-construction!! They have new boards up, new permits hanging, and workers waiting outside to go in. I spoke with the owners about 6 months ago,and they were still waiting on insurance. Hopefully they got the money, and are back in reconstruction mode. Love Nino’s and the family.

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