Nino’s Finally Reopens With a New(ish) Menu

The opening of Nino’s Trattoria, now named Nino’s 46 (46th between 5th and 6th), has had many Midtown Lunchers waiting with bated breath after a long repair/remodel after a fire. Back when Zach gave it the full Midtown Lunch treatment in 2009, it hadd a great chicken parm and you could find many menu items under $10. Luncher arastaman003 tipped us off in another post that Nino’s 46 had opened its doors, but with a new menu that makes it hard to find food under the $10 limit (although word is, the menu is going to expand in a few weeks).

Check it out after the jump…

Upon investigation, all was confirmed. The chicken parm is still on the menu at $9 and according to the owner, has fries and salad on the side now. But almost everything else (other than some side dishes, appetizers, and something called Vendome’s Balls) is really pricy. A staff member said the menu is temporary during the “soft opening”; in a few weeks it will have additional items. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the next menu has a few more cheap options for the lunch crowd!

Nino’s 46, 39 W 46th St (btw 5+6th). 212-719-4015


  • $14 for an individual pizza? in the words of yosemite sam, “rackin’ frackin’ no good…”

    • May as well go a couple doors down and get an entire full-sized pie of dollar slices for less money, and cope with the taste difference.

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    The “expanded” menu better be more in line with the old menu in terms of price and food, or this will be a short lived return. The full menu sitdown places on that block get very little traffic with the exception of Akdeniz.

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    Sandwich comes with salad or fries.

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    Is it new Ownership/Management? $9 for the chicken park will push people to not come back. We don’t want salad and/or fries.

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    same management. They have a bar now, so it seems like they are going after the client dinner crowd if possible. not sure if the new expanded menu will be midtown lunch worthy, but considering they were shot for almost two years, not too surprising they are trying to up prices, and bring up revenues. regardless, they said the lunch menu will not ever be as big as the old one. They used to throw away a lot of food at the end of the week. hope this helps. chicken parm was still good

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