Nino’s Finally Going to Reopen As Nino’s 46?

Fans of Nino’s (46th btwn 5th and 6th), the well known Midtown Lunch spot known for their great chicken parm, have been waiting over a year and half for the place to reopen after the place fell victim to a fire.  And we’re glad to report that finally some real progress has been made. Yesterday, we spotted some goings-on outside the old restaurant location, including a banner sporting their new name, Nino’s 46, and advertising brick-oven pizza. We asked the guys working on the storefront if they knew when Nino’s 46 would re-open, and they couldn’t give any definitive answers. But we’ll stay on the case!


  • YES! I loved their pan pizza so much and would order it regularly…however, I’m a tad worried that they’re gonna change their recipe with this whole brick oven affair…I guess I will happily find out soon enough!

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    The front has looked like that for at least a couple months at this point, so it could still be plenty of time. Glad those guys are close to being back.

  • any update on this? i imagine they are getting close to being open for business…might just have to do the bruntwork and check it out myself, but if anyone is super close by, please let me know if it’s a go

  • thanks cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

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    I believe Nino’s has reopened. The Chicken Parm is still on the menu, but in general, it doesn’t look like a midtown lunch spot anymore. The son mentioned that they are starting with this new menu, and will expand out as they progress.

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