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The Twitter Tracker Has Thawed Out: For the first time in what seems like an eternity food trucks seem to be digging themselves out of the snow today. Wafels & Dinges is on 52nd, Schnitzel & Things is on 52nd, Taim is on 40th with black olive falafel, Uncle Gussy's is in their usual spot with lentil soup, Mexicue is on 46th, and Comme Ci Comme Ca is on 38th today. As always double check the MLTT before heading out.

Flatiron Lunch: Our First Look at Grimaldi’s (Opening in The Limelight Next Week?)

Since Ultraclay is on vacation this week, he made me walk through a freakin’ blizzard was gracious enough to let me attend a Grimaldi’s press event for this week’s Flatiron lunch post (seriously, does that guy ever work?).

Grimaldi's Signage

There’s not much else to say about Grimaldi’s Pizzeria that hasn’t already been blogged, reported, or gushed about. Since it spun-off from Patsy’s pizza, it’s become a legendary establishment, and is oft cited as the model New York pie. But this level of exposure begets fanatical regulars, curious tourists, and ensuing long lines. Absurd lines are bad enough, but to be inconvenienced with a schlep to Brooklyn for pizza is enough to make someone want to stay in the city and eat questionable pho. But Flatiron Lunchers (and city dwellers) rejoice! The Grimaldi’s location in the Limelight Marketplace (6th Ave. btw. 20+21st) will be opening as early as next week (pending DOH approval). And in case you weren’t able to snag a slice of free pizza last week, here’s a preview of what to expect.
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Dorie Greenspan’s Cookie Pop Up Returns: Great news for cookie fans!  Remember Dorie Greenspan's "CookiebarNYC", the cookie pop up inside the hair salon Mizu (on Park Ave. btw. 59+60th).  It's back again this year from February 7-11th.  Fork in the Road has all the details, plus a menu with descriptions of all the cookies.

ML Forums: Pop Up Doughnuts Sell Out Early

If You Like Food and Music and Wasting Time

This seems like wasting time at work weather, don’t you think?  We’ve got just the thing for those of you who like food and music… we all know Zach is incredibly fat, but what you may not know is he used to work in the music industry (at Sirius/XM on 48th and 6th to be exact.)  He left all that behind a few years ago to get fatter do Midtown Lunch full time, but has found a way to bring music back into his life… by combining it with food! (Naturally.)  Please give a warm welcome to Food is the New Rock, a brand new tumblr blog/time waster devoted to bands who love food, and chefs who love music.   Read it, like it on Facebook, follow it on Twitter, recommend it on Tumblr… or don’t.

ChaPa’s Noodles & Grill Opening Today?: Back in October we told you that a place called ChaPa's Noodles & Grill would be taking over the old Bombay Eats space (on 52nd btw. 8+9th), and according to Zagat it's opening today (and it's Vietnamese!) We were definitely bummed to lose Indian pizza, but if it means getinng good Vietnamese food in Midtown it was worth the trade!

Finally Tracking Down the Elusive Sami’s Dosa Cart

Sami Dosa

For awhile I feared that Sami’s Dosa Cart was a figment of my imagination. I first read about it in a tip from Lunch’er Adam Prato, but after multiple failed dosa excursions to 55th and Broadway I gave up. Fortunately another tip lead us to the cart’s current location on 39th and Broadway. Read more »

Is Pret Going After Toasties With Their New Toasties?

The other day I was getting my morning coffee at Pret when I noticed signage for their new Toasties–toasted to order sandwiches. Looks like Pret is trying to get in on the toasted sandwich market. Are “toasties” the new grilled panini (remember when every generic deli/lunch spot was selling grilled round paninis?) Seeing as I was lunch-less, I decided to give the new sandwiches a shot and picked up a Ham & Cheese toastie ($6.50) from the case. Read more »

Today is $2 Burger Day at Schnipper’s: Just a friendly reminder... the big 2 year anniversary celebration at Schnipper's Quality Kitchen starts at 10am today (on 41st and 8th).  And if you can hold out until 2pm you can meet George Motz, and upgrade that $2 cheeseburger to a Hickory Bacon Blue.

Angelo Sosa Joining Forces With Kati Roll!?

Got some crazy new in the old ML inbox yesterday afternoon… Just 4 months after closing down his Hell’s Kitchen sandwich shop Xie Xie, Top Chef Angelo Sosa is returning to Midtown once again- this time in collaboration with ML fave Kati Roll (on 39th btw. 5+6th).  On Monday Thursday (2/3) Kati Roll will debut the all new Shrimp Masala Roll, designed by Sosa himself, featuring shrimp, marinated in coconut milk and chaat masala spices, cooked over a open-flame grill and… topped with sweet and sour marinated red onions and birdseye chilis… and finished with a swath of cilantro sauce. But wait, there’s more! Sosa will personally debut the roll on Monday Thursday from Noon to 2pm at the Midtown location.

Get a sneak peak at his creation, after the jump…

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