Tri Tip is Great, Xie Xie is Gone

The New York Times has discovered something that we’ve known for awhile… Tri Tip Grill, in the Rock Center Concourse, is kind of awesome!  Also in yesterday’s paper, buried in FloFab’s Off the Menu column, Xie Xie (on 9th Ave.) isn’t temporarily closed.  It’s closed closed, along with its neighbor Zanzibar.


  • Xie Xie isn’t gone for good, it’s just having to move locations. I’ve heard “uptown”, but that’s all that they would say.

  • as overpriced as it was I am a fan of the owner and the hotties in his employ. They will be missed.

  • I noticed today that there is a stop work order up where Zanzibar used to be. The space where xie-xie was is totally gutted.

  • It was funny when they went with temporarily closed because it was so obvious that was not the case when you walked by the next day. The place was brand new – why would they be renovating?

  • that just stinks. I loved Xie Xie.

    Zanibar is a great bar, but boy did the food their suck.

    So what is moving in?

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