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Shanghai and Taiwanese Style Food From Shanghai 1

An adorable dumpling on your signage is the easiest way to attract me to a restaurant. That is how Shanghai 1 got me, a newcomer to Chinatown. Offering both Shanghai and Taiwanese food, the latter is more exciting since it is less available in the area. The Shanghai menu was obviously not going to be overlooked however, because: soup dumplings always.

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Order the Taiwanese Meatball From Empress Garden, But Eat With Your Eyes Closed

Empress Garden is one of my favorite spots in Chinatown. The pork chops in particular are a dish I always recommend to people looking for suggestions in that area of the city. A few months ago the restaurant was slightly renovated, making it more inviting, and the menu changed a bit. Luckily my favorites are still available.  One new dish is called a meatball dumpling or Taiwanese meatball.

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Crispy Pork Chops and Peking Noodles are both Musts at Empress Garden

Empress Garden certainly doesn’t stand out from any other Chinatown joints based on looks. Though the signage indicates Mandarin and Szechuan style food, they also serve Taiwanese dishes, making Empress Garden more unique. The crowded menu shows off countless preparations for pork, beef, seafood, chicken, and noodles. A good part of the menu is written in Mandarin and includes items that are not offered on the English menu. A Chowhound poster graciously provided some translations. My waitress was very helpful at confirming I was ordering the dishes that I had in mind.  Most entrees are 5- 8 bucks and make a nice sized and cheap lunch; lunch specials are available during the week that come with rice and soup. I tried a lunch special along with some irresistible items off the regular menu.

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