Shanghai and Taiwanese Style Food From Shanghai 1

An adorable dumpling on your signage is the easiest way to attract me to a restaurant. That is how Shanghai 1 got me, a newcomer to Chinatown. Offering both Shanghai and Taiwanese food, the latter is more exciting since it is less available in the area. The Shanghai menu was obviously not going to be overlooked however, because: soup dumplings always.

An order of soup dumplings came in extremely delicate wrappers with a simple broth. I pretty much love all soup dumplings, but I wouldn’t say these are better than any of the other standard spots in Chinatown.

A dark, Taiwanese beef noodle soup came with thin noodles that were said to have been made in house, lots of greens, and some fatty beef pieces that I didn’t care for, though  I enjoyed the tangy broth.

I enjoyed the platter of spicy fish fillet most. This is a plate made for sharing, packing with delicate fillets and a lot of pleasant, mouth numbing but not unbearable heat.

The service here, is a little off. Instead of having one waiter, we have every staff person come up to us and try to take our orders.

Have you been to this new spot?

Shanghai 1, 123 N 10th St, 267 457-5363


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