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Nan Yang is Familiar

When Foobooz recently reported thatĀ  a Singaporean restaurant was opening, I was exited to try a cuisine that was new to me- Singapore noodles definitely don’t count. When I stopped by and checked out the menu, I found the food would be more familiar than I realized. The menu was very similar to the menus at nearby Banana Leaf and Penang. Which makes sense since they share an international maritime border.

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Malaysian Take Out at Center City’s Aqua Asian Bistro

When Aqua moved in to the tiny, ever changing spot on 16th Street, I thought Malaysian food would be a welcomed addition to the neighborhood, even though I had never visited the older location at 7th Street. As the space allows, it is mostly a take out spot, with one row of counter seating.

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Snacks from All Around Asia at Cube Cafe

Chinatown has a ton of bakeries selling similar delicious baked good and drinks, plus a few with specialties like Yummy Yummy with their waffles and New Harmony with their “pop” smoothies. Cube Cafe has both, along with a menu of food that is… Pan-Asian inspired? Really though, the photo menu on the counter covers food from Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, and China. Plus breakfast and dessert.

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Penang’s Roti and Hainanese Chicken

Today, we are getting a report on Malaysian lunching from profiled luncherĀ Stephanie.

Penang was the first restaurant I dined at when I moved to in Philadelphia back in 2006. My mom and I somehow found ourselves at Market East Station on a bad recommendation. It was raining, we were hungry, and Penang boasted the most attractive facade in Chinatown. Over the years, Penang has become my default place for hearty Malaysian soup noodles and flavor-inspired meals when I’m in the mood for non-Chinese food in Chinatown. And conveniently enough for me, Penang also offers one of my favorite lunches in town for under $10.

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