Nan Yang is Familiar

When Foobooz recently reported that  a Singaporean restaurant was opening, I was exited to try a cuisine that was new to me- Singapore noodles definitely don’t count. When I stopped by and checked out the menu, I found the food would be more familiar than I realized. The menu was very similar to the menus at nearby Banana Leaf and Penang. Which makes sense since they share an international maritime border.

I usually order roti canai when I see it; its the perfect, rippable, savory appetizer. I was really loving the dipping sauce here, it was bold and slightly sweet. The roti was thicker and less delicate than what I have had at the local Malaysian counterparts .

Duck salad, with pineapple, red onion, and cashews was pleasantly tangy, but I would have preferred the duck pieces to be crispy and less fatty. Really, I’d be happy if all salad with duck in it  just contained the skin.

The sambala spicy chicken came as sauce-less, spicy, fried chicken nuggets that created just a slight, pleasant mouth numbness.

What do you guys think- Singaporean- Malaysian- whose food is better?

Nam Yang, 932 Race Street, 215 238 1288


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