Desk Dim Sum Courtesy of Yummy Yummy

Yummy Yummy would be easy to pass by, that is unless a batch of waffles is cooking up, because you will be completely powerless to resist that smell. And this is a good thing really, because inside you can pick up a few tasty snacks to make up your own dim sum lunch to take back to the office.

Yummy Yummy gets dumplings and other snacks from the Chinatown Noodle Factory across the street.  All of the small dishes are packaged  to make transporting them easy. If you are lucky, you can catch them while they are hot. Otherwise, reheat in the microwave using the wet-paper-towel method* so nothing dries out.

Check out some of Yummy Yummy’s yummy options after the jump…

*wet-paper-towel method involves draping a wet paper towel on top of all of the items before popping in the microwave

For one dollar, you can get a huge helping of congee. Congee is a Chinese savory porridge that is the perfect winter comfort food. This version included mung bean and scallion and while more watery than it should be, it is still totally worth getting as one component of your lunch.

Pan fried dumplings had a nice filling but take less kindly to the reheat than the other snacks.

The great taste of the chive buns is only mildly diminished by the greasiness.

On top are the shrimp rice noodles, a good pause from all the greasiness, and which by itself is very filling. Below that is pan fried radish cake with egg, probably my favorite dish because I love the mushy texture and salty flavor.

Don’t forget about those waffles for dessert!  At Yummy Yummy, Chinese waffles are made to order with a choice of original or green tea white chocolate. I absolutely loved the green tea white chocolate, despite me not being a big white chocolate person. They are made to order and served hot… so you may want to go wild and  eat your dessert first.

Most snacks cost around $2, so its painless to mix and match!

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I love dim sum!
  • I like the idea of putting together a few cheap items to make a lunch

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Items might not be warm
  • The greasiness of some of the snacks and the carb heavy selection turns me off
  • What are you talking about? This isn’t how I do dim sum! Where are the ladies pushing carts filled with hot plates to point and eat?

Yummy Yummy, 52 N 10th  St (btw Filbert & Arch St), 215-625-9188



  • Chinese waffles are awesome! I haven’t eaten them in ages.

    And congee is the perfect comfort food for the cold, blistering weather. Sliced Beef congee with chinese fried breadsticks. *drools*

  • I freakin love chive buns. That was one of the few things I think Midtown is completely missing: dim sum!

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    Chinese waffles-with fillings Yum! Reminds me of the flavor cakes cart in Flushing

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    THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! I took a slight detour from my mission path. My girlfriend had swore off bubble tea for a month (until the new month arrived). After work, we headed down to chinatown. A quick stop at KOK Bakery for her addiction fixed, we went to Yummy yummy. After seeing the picture of the chinese waffle, I thought these look almost like these pancake balls that are sold in Boston’s chinatown. It didn’t quiet look exactly the same, so I was curious what is a ‘chinese waffle’.

    It cost $1.75 for an order, not a bad price. While eating it, it remind me of these mini corn shape pancake like thing in S. Korea that is filled with some yummy goodness. 1 hr later, trying to determine why it’s soooo familiar, my girlfriend figured it out, TAPIOCA dessert!!! Her mom makes into a cake form, so has her friend. The texture if completely different in the ‘waffle’ form, it’s genius!

    That wasn’t the ‘great’ thing about this place. It has a bunch of dim sum that I like to eat cold, or at room temperature, no microwave for me :D There were things in there I haven’t seen in awhile. On the counter, near the cash register, I noticed some steam buns. One had a red dot, one it… One was a steam pork bun. You can get them almost everywhere at a supermarket outside of chinatown. I can’t never find it in chinatown… One place has a close version of it but it didn’t have the egg and sausage. The bun with the red dot was a steam bbq pork bun. Two of my favorite buns, right in front of me. The pork bun was $1.50, the bbq was 75cents. I think I’ve found the place to satisfied my bun craving. They also have mini bbq pork bun, hahaha, Im going to get that next time. The guy working there was very helpful and friendly. If I ever have no idea where to go for lunch, I’m sooo going here. I can live on meat buns :D

    It has This place is similar to what I would like to have if I ever open a little food shop.

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