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Vegetarian Friendly Mix Sandwich From Falafel Bar

I visited Falafel Bar on Chestnut Street when it first opened over 2 years ago, intended to write about it, and then basically forgot. Thats probably not the best sign, but I decided to make another visit to see if it might be more memorable.

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Healthy Israeli Sandwiches from Hummus in University City

For a relatively quick, healthy, and cheap lunch in University City, Hummus is a decent option. You can choose from sandwiches, salads, and platters ranging from $6 to $13 dollars.

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There Must Be 50 Ways to Eat Falafel at Crisp

This week,  Luncher John gets after the falafel at Crisp.

I probably only ate my first falafel sandwich a couple of years ago. Being a big meat eater, I wasn’t sure what the fascination was with a vegetarian sandwich. Then I discovered it, and now, rarely does a week go by without eating a falafel meal of some sort. Working in Center City, I have plenty of options of where to go for a good falafel sandwich or platter. One of the more recent openings is Crisp on 18th Street, between Market and Chestnut, and as a converted falafel enthusiast, I couldn’t wait to try to see how it stacked up with other area offerings.

Crisp opened up its Philadelphia location as its first outpost outside New York City. It prides itself on being 100 percent vegetarian, with its ingredients made daily. Not surprisingly, Crisp also is committed to being green, using recycled packaging and having separate recycling bins in its clean, bright space.

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A Taste of Israel in Rittenhouse

Over the summer I got to see the sights and taste the foods of Israel. When a friend from my trip came to visit, I had to pick a place that would allow us to reminisce about our time there. Philly has a fair amount places to enjoy falafel, but after hearing from so many sources that Mamma’s Vegetarian was the absolute best in town, it was the perfect reason to visit.

It was a good sign when we were greeted just how we would be in an Israeli falafel place, with a sample ball of falafel shoved in our faces.

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Philly Vendy Awards Recap: What the Judges Ate

This Saturday at the Piazza at Schmidts was the 1st Vendy Awards in Philadelphia, a “street food showcase and intense cook-off between the best sidewalks chefs in Philly.” Tickets were completely sold out and the vibe was sweaty but happy. I was privileged enough to  be one of the judges who sampled the  offerings of all 8 trucks and voted to pick the winner of the Vendy Cup.  While I admit that coverage of events after the fact can be lame and not helpful at all, the venders here all provided food you could normally expect at their trucks, so reading ahead will not only let you recap the event if you attended or let you live vicariously through the pictures if you missed out, it can also give you a preview of what you could get at any of these trucks on a given day.

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Is Some of the Best Falafel Ever Worth Not Being Kissed? Of Course!

It was finally a less sweltering day, so lunch at Love Park was perfect. But where to eat? Right on the corner was the self-proclaimed King of Falafel. Although after experiencing what the King is capable of, I might proclaim him that as well.

The tiny cart serves vegetarian and meat sandwiches, platters, and sides. You know what to expect- gyro, hummus, falafel… all that jazz, except done right.

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