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Philly’s Center City Beer Wonderland also Makes a Spicy Meatball

The Corner Foodery on 17th and Sansom is a genius combo of things that Philly loves,  beer and sandwiches. The beer store/ food combo comes by a collaboration of beloved neighborhood take out beer spot, The Foodery and the chef of  The Corner.

Hot sandwiches and cold cut hoagies are available with a few anti pasti options. You may take your food and beer to go, or you can eat at the tables provided.

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Finally Getting to Know the Burgers and Green Beans from Grace Tavern

It’s Passover right now, which means bread/pasta/ and many other beloved carbs are off the table for me. Why do I do it, as an essentially non religious Jew? Habit mostly, and also to test my will power for a week. Anyway, it means that there are not too many good lunch options for me this week. This weekend, when I was checking out Igloo, I made sure to carbo load. I was able to accomplish this at Grace Tavern, right next to Igloo.

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Mussels at Monk’s Cafe

It is safe to say Monk’s is a favorite beer bar of Philly locals and visitors alike. One of the popular menu items, and pretty much the only things not over $10 are the bowls of mussels. The small bowls are $10 and come with frites and a roll.

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Reading Terminal’s Pub, Molly Moll-eh?

Molloy Malloy’s replaced the worn down Beer Garden in Reading Terminal one year ago. The place has hot and cold pub fare and a way better beer selection than the beer garden it replaced. But with so much good food in the terminal, is it worth coming in for more than a drink?

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Lumberjack or Disney Princess Sandwiches at American Sardine Bar

American Sardine Bar is a relaxed spot to grab a fun beer. The small menu of soups, sandwiches, and sides is worth exploring. My parents were in town and we need a spot to grab a quick bite. My parents love sardines and are ok with American bars, so we went for. The bar was pretty empty during the day, making it easy for the eat and run to happen.

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Pork on Pork, The Castro Sandwich at The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is a cute pub sitting on the corner of 9th and Catherine. The inviting outdoor seating reeled me in.  Its a good things the menu isn’t too long because there is also the whole draft list to choose from. Read more »

Triumph Brewing Company for Lunch and Beer

Triumph Brewing Company wooed me at a tasting event with there “Something Else” beer, a beer with so many ingredients you would think they were making soup: pickled and grilled lemons, cardamon, sea salt, thyme, black pepper, mustard seed, bay leaf, brown sugar. An amazing beer that I needed to have again, so I headed to Old City for another pint along with some lunch to go with it.

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