5 New Things You’ll Want to Know About Adam Perry Lang’s Serious Barbecue Pop Up

Last week Adam Perry Lang (formerly of Daisy May’s BBQ in NYC) returned to the Hollywood parking lot behind Jimmy Kimmel’s studio for another go-round of his Serious Barbecue pop up. Once again it’s Tuesday through Friday, food is available during lunchtime  from 11am to 3pm, and this time it’s only until October 24th, so you’ve officially got only 10 days left to taste some of the best smoked meat in Southern California.

Adam is still sleeping on the lot (the meat goes into the smoker around 8pm the night before), he’s still making his own charcoal out of pecan wood (and white oak from California), and the giant beef rib is back. But here are 5 things that have changed from last year to this year that you’ll probably want to know about…


1. APL has a new smoker, and it was custom made by Aaron Franklin in Austin, TX.  Yes, that Aaron Franklin. So with an Aaron Franklin smoker, there must be brisket right? Yup. And it’s available for the relatively-reasonable-compared-to-the-beef-rib price of $15. Warning though… Adam still prefers a milder smoking process with homemade charcoal in place of fresh wood, so if you’re expecting a intensely smokey Texas style BBQ you will be pretty disappointed.


2. In addition to brisket every day, there’s also rib eye, which is sliced thin into what could be considered the best roast beef you’ve ever had.


3. And unlike last year, where the menu seemed to change from week to week, this year’s menu appears to be set in stone with all 3 meats available every single day. Including the famous beef rib, although now it’s $30 (up $7 from last year.) That’s not to say there won’t be daily specials. For example, today we’re hearing rumors that he’s also going to have tri tip and prime dry aged New York Strip in addition to some tongue that he decided to cook up last night.


4. Speaking of variety, the best new development is the introduction of the combo plate. For $25 you get some brisket, a couple of hunks of that beef rib, and a few slices of the rib eye, plus Texas toast and some excellent pickles. Nobody would confuse this for a bargain, but as a special once a year treat for L.A. BBQ aficionados, it’s well worth it.


5. Oh, and Sauce is extra. $2 for a creamy horseradish, $1 for a sweet bourbon BBQ sauce, but truth be told- you don’t need it (unless you’re sharing the cost with a large group.)

Even with all these new changes there are still a few more things that haven’t changed: parking still sucks and it’s still cash only. Good luck!

Adam Perry Lang’s Serious Barbecue, 6901 Hawthorne Ave. (enter through the alley that runs parallel between Hollywood and Hawthorne


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  • I haven’t tried the pop-up, but used to live up the street from Daisy Mae’s.

    You hit the nail on the head with the Texas BBQ comment. Lang is a very talented chef, but anyone expecting traditional BBQ may be disappointed.

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