Adam Perry Lang’s Backlot BBQ Brings Serious Barbecue to Hollywood


I don’t know exactly when this happened but at some point in the last year NYC barbecue chef Adam Perry Lang (founder of Daisy May’s BBQ) quietly moved to Los Angeles! Apparently he’s got a lot of different ideas for potential permanent projects here in L.A., but our first taste of how lucky we are to have him here is a lunchtime bbq pop up that opened two weeks ago in the parking lot behind Jimmy Kimmel’s studio.  APL set up a smoker in the shadow of Jimmy Kimmel’s outdoor stage and is serving “Serious Barbecue” Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am to 3pm.  Each day he only offers one option, but that option will change each week.  Last week it was beef ribs w/ Texas toast.

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At $23 for one rib it’s pretty steep as far as Midtown Lunches go, but damn if that wasn’t the best beef rib I’ve ever had. APL makes his own charcoal from pecan wood in this giant drum before feeding the charcoal into the smoker, giving it a nice bit of smoke but not so much that it’s all you taste.  It also seems more reasonable when you consider the quality of the meat and the expertise involved in cooking it up.  The same hunk of short rib at a place like Chi Spacca would probably be $30+

This week’s dish is a little more reasonable.  $15 for bbq pork with mustard slaw (and I’ve heard that he may just have some extra short rib and some brisket lying around off menu if you ask for it.)

Serious Barbecue’s Backlot BBQ runs through September 5th, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11am to 3pm. Enter off Orange down the alley that runs between Hollywood and Hawthorn behind the El Capitan Theater.  Parking sucks, but school’s out so I’d recommend trying to find a spot on Hawthorn, or just parking in Hollywood and Highland.

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  • That beef rib would be 37 bucks at Daisy Mays in NY so consider yourself lucky. And that dude makes the BEST beef rib i ever had. Amazing!!!!!

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