The New Schnitzel Wagon Will Look Very Familiar to NYC Food Fans

The New York based Schnitzel & Things Truck has become so popular since their launch last year that it didn’t surprise me at all to read this morning on Grub Street that a new Schnitzel Wagon has launched here in L.A. What did surprise me was how much the wagon looks like another New York City truck… The Street Sweets Truck!  I mean, seriously? Burger Kitchen ripping off Umami is a bit of a stretch… this?  Not so much.  Super curious to find out if the guys behind this truck are from NYC?  Or whether or not they even know the folks behind the Schnitzel & Things Truck or the Street Sweets Truck.  Laughably hilarious trademark infringement aside, I am excited to be able to get some schnitzel from a truck here in L.A.  (I was a huge fan of Schnitzel & Things.)    You can follow them on Twitter here.

UPDATE: Apparently the Street Sweets Truck has taken notice



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