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Schnitzel Wagon Moves to Hill: Remember the Schnitzel Wagon with the great fish and chips we told you about back in October? As promised they've moved locations to be closer to the jewelry district.  They're now parking on Hill between 4+5th.  [via Twitter]

Schnitzel Wagon Finds Permanent Home Downtown

Schnitzel Wagon

When Grub Street reported a few months ago that the Schnitzel Wagon would be hitting the streets of our city, my interest was probably piqued more than than the average Angeleno.  After all schnitzel is not really as hype inducing as, say, Filipino food.  Or red velvet pancakes.  Or dim sum and hipster fried chicken.  Part of it was because I miss New York’s ultra popular Schnitzel & Things Truck, and part of it was because I was super curious to find out why they completely ripped off the Street Sweets’ truck design! (Also a popular New York truck.)

But mostly I was just using these reasons as an excuse to go eat deep fried cutlets of meat and fish off a truck in Downtown L.A.  (As if I needed an excuse!)

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The New Schnitzel Wagon Will Look Very Familiar to NYC Food Fans

The New York based Schnitzel & Things Truck has become so popular since their launch last year that it didn’t surprise me at all to read this morning on Grub Street that a new Schnitzel Wagon has launched here in L.A. What did surprise me was how much the wagon looks like another New York City truck… The Street Sweets Truck!  I mean, seriously? Burger Kitchen ripping off Umami is a bit of a stretch… this?  Not so much.  Super curious to find out if the guys behind this truck are from NYC?  Or whether or not they even know the folks behind the Schnitzel & Things Truck or the Street Sweets Truck.  Laughably hilarious trademark infringement aside, I am excited to be able to get some schnitzel from a truck here in L.A.  (I was a huge fan of Schnitzel & Things.)    You can follow them on Twitter here.

UPDATE: Apparently the Street Sweets Truck has taken notice