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Secret Korean Food Exists Alongside Fro Yo At FiDi’s Gangnam

Last week featured a lunch experience I’d never had before – one that felt a little bit illicit, as I was handed Korean food made in some kitchen behind an anonymous door in the Yorganic frozen yogurt shop on Hanover Sq. (btw. Beaver & Pearl). Some of you may have already discovered this underground source of legit Korean food called Gangnam, but if you haven’t, here’s the primer on how to get your hands on some.

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Yorganic: Your Source of Fro-Yo and Organic Korean Food

A while back, while investigating the mysterious My Belly’s Playlist delivery service, I discovered that not only did Yorganic exist, but it sells something called Bliss Bowls which are essentially rice bowls with Korean ingredients. The kicker is that everything in this place is organic, hormone-free, natural etc. With Cafe Hanover just around the corner also selling Korean food, I was curious how these yuppie rice bowls stacked up.

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