Yorganic: Your Source of Fro-Yo and Organic Korean Food

A while back, while investigating the mysterious My Belly’s Playlist delivery service, I discovered that not only did Yorganic exist, but it sells something called Bliss Bowls which are essentially rice bowls with Korean ingredients. The kicker is that everything in this place is organic, hormone-free, natural etc. With Cafe Hanover just around the corner also selling Korean food, I was curious how these yuppie rice bowls stacked up.

Both locations of Yorganic – Hanover Sq. in the Financial District and Greenwich St. in Tribeca – sell these Bliss Bowls, along with some sandwiches and salads containing things like bulgogi and kimchi. Since they’re all less than $10 I decided to give one of the pre-configured Bliss Bowls a try, although you can also make your own by adding whatever vegetables, toppings, meats and sauces on a base of rice or vermicelli noodles. I feel like the “choose your own adventure” bowls or salads are always a guarantee of going over the $10 mark.

I got the beef bowl ($8.95) which contained a good amount of marinated beef, mushrooms, asparagus, sauteed spinach, marinated bean sprouts and a pile of cooked, chopped up egg. There was also a container of Korean g0-chu-jang sauce on the side which was the saving grace of this lunch.

The toppings are plentiful and there seemed to be more of them than rice, which I was fine with but you may want more carbs. They weren’t stingy with the meat, or the egg for that matter, but I found the toppings pretty bland until I dumped on that bright red container of sauce. I don’t know that I’d pay $9 for this again, but I did feel slightly more virtuous after eating it than I normally do after eating a meat over rice dish.

Yorganic, 3 Hanover Sq. (at Beaver), (212) 968-9700; 275 Greenwich St. (at Murray), (212) 732-8888


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