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Takahachi Bakery’s Buns Might Be Their Best Lunch Bargain

This site has already checked out some of the more traditional lunch options at Tribeca’s Takahachi Bakery on Murray St. (at Church). There was the Japanese pizza and fried cream gravy sandwich (aka, croquettes), and then the ginger beef sandwich. The one thing we hadn’t really tried was the large variety of savory and sweet buns offered on a daily basis. With fillings like ham and cheese, red bean and curry beef, clearly these had to be sampled.

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Takahachi Bakery Is A Great Source Of Inventive, Cheap Sandwiches

It seems it’s been two whole years since I’ve written about Takahachi Bakery which sits quietly on Murray St. (at Church) baking up all kinds of Japanese-inflected goods both sweet and savory. They also have sandwiches, salads and soup some of which I’ve already tried, but when I stopped in recently I was drawn to the hot case which has little lunch boxes containing a sandwich that’s heftier than it looks and a little side of some sort for $8.25. I was mighty pleased with the meaty, gingery beef concoction I grabbed. Read more »

A Very Carb-Tastic Lunch At Takahachi Bakery

Walking into the newish Takahachi Bakery on Murray St. (at Church) is a little bit like sensory overload at lunchtime. You could compose whatever kind of lunch you want, basically, even if it’s just buying a bunch of cookies and baked goods. I had already sampled some sweets from there when they opened back in June, but I hadn’t gone for an actual lunch. This time I was after a sandwich and something sweet but as I am not immune to the impulse buy, ended up with something of a three-course lunch which was OK because I still came in under the ML $10 limit. Read more »

Tribeca’s New Takahachi Bakery Is Going To Make Me Fat

A new spot selling Japanese baked goods and bread, Takahachi Bakery, officially opened yesterday on Murray St. (at Church), a month later than planned. I stopped by to see what they had (you can also read about it here), and of course couldn’t get out of there without buying something from their intimidating selection. Read more »

Takahachi Bakery Finally Opens On Thursday: A new place selling Japanese baked goods, Takahachi Bakery, officially opens on Murray St. (at Church) in Tribeca on Thursday after some snags with building code delayed the May opening. Their Facebook page initially said that they would open Wednesday, but that was pushed back due to a technical problem. Finally, pastry-wrapped hot dogs can be yours.

Japanese Bakery Opening In New Tribeca Condo Building

Midtown Lunch’er dkriese tipped me off that a new Japanese bakery was opening on Murray St. (at Church). I did a walk by, and there is indeed a place called Takahachi Bakery going in on the ground floor of a new condo building called Tribeca Space. The sign on the window doesn’t say when it’s opening, and the bakery’s unofficial Web site (aka, a Facebook page) says they still can’t announce an opening date, after an initial May 17 date was delayed by at least a week due to the Building Department. If the photos they have up are any indication, there will be breads and pastries, and hot dogs will be involved.