A Very Carb-Tastic Lunch At Takahachi Bakery

Walking into the newish Takahachi Bakery on Murray St. (at Church) is a little bit like sensory overload at lunchtime. You could compose whatever kind of lunch you want, basically, even if it’s just buying a bunch of cookies and baked goods. I had already sampled some sweets from there when they opened back in June, but I hadn’t gone for an actual lunch. This time I was after a sandwich and something sweet but as I am not immune to the impulse buy, ended up with something of a three-course lunch which was OK because I still came in under the ML $10 limit.

They were out of a couple of things I was eying in the bakery section, such as a curry ya pan. And sadly, I saw a wasabi weiner (their name, not mine) wrapped in delicious looking pastry. Really, there are an infinite number of lunch combinations you could throw together from here to create pretty much the best $10 and under meal ever. Instead I went over to two displays of sandwiches and other lunch goods like salads, some hot and some cold.

The cream croquette sandwich ($3.25) caught my eye, mostly because it was cheap. I was going to get a soba noodle salad that I was told involved black bean paste, but instead went for a personal pizza-looking thing ($2.95) that had mushrooms, tomato and onion on top. They also had a Hawaiian version and another with random vegetables like corn. Most of the stuff is vaguely labeled, but staff is pretty helpful and notices if you’re looking confused.

The croquette sandwich was exactly what its name implies (meaning it’s deep fried cream gravy, essentially), with a little roughage thrown in. It was a good deal, but I would definitely recommend pairing it with something else unless you’re just looking for a snack.

I tried to get photographic evidence of this, but there are more vegetables and stuff between the cheese and crust. I guess it’s like the Japanese version of stuffed pizza, but with a thin crust?

And now for the best part of lunch…the almond miso cookie ($1.75). I had been looking for an excuse to go eat more baked goods from Takahachi and found one in the form of this cookie being listed as one of the top 10 in the city. It is basically a great almond cookie with a little something extra thrown in, and I think I am addicted to this thing. Damn you Takahachi Bakery!

This random lunch was a good deal at less than $9, and if you go I would definitely recommend trying at least one baked good. And if you see someone out front begging for almond miso cookies, well, that would be me.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • You can eat an entire “lunch” composed of pastries and bread.
  • They have interesting sandwich options.

THE — (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I want something other than a sandwich or salad for lunch.
  • Their sandwiches are too small.

Takahachi Bakery, 25 Murray St. (at Church St.)



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