Takahachi Bakery’s Buns Might Be Their Best Lunch Bargain

This site has already checked out some of the more traditional lunch options at Tribeca’s Takahachi Bakery on Murray St. (at Church). There was the Japanese pizza and fried cream gravy sandwich (aka, croquettes), and then the ginger beef sandwich. The one thing we hadn’t really tried was the large variety of savory and sweet buns offered on a daily basis. With fillings like ham and cheese, red bean and curry beef, clearly these had to be sampled.

The above is a chicken, potato and mustard green filled number ($3.25). Yes, also on offer are hot dogs contained in pastry and some pizza like objects with things like corn atop them, but I wanted something with both meat and vegetables. This one delivered bits of dark meat chicken, diced potato and pickled mustard green. It was tasty and not too heavy.

The spicy curry beef bun ($3) was indeed spicy and highly flavored. Not only is there curry inside, but yellow curry powder dusting the top of the bun. This one is good only if you really like the strong flavor of Japanese curry, and if not, there are plenty of other bun options.

While most of the sandwiches at Takahachi are around the $5 mark, they are diminutive, and sometimes it’s just more fun to pick out two or three buns filled with random food items. You can always get a sweet one, too, if you want a little dessert with your lunch.

Takahachi Bakery, 25 Murray St. (at Church), (212) 791-5550


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