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Liberty St. Vendors Fight The Man And Win…For Now

 width= The handful of vendors on Liberty St. at Broadway that were ticketed last week and asked to leave by the management of 140 Broadway are still selling food. About 250 petition letters from concerned lunch’ers were collected in three days last week, according to the Street Vendor Project which has been helping the affected carts that include A-Pou’s Taste, Biryani House and 99% Vegetarian Food. The letters are being sent to building management this week, and the vendors hadn’t been bothered by the police again as of late Monday.

Biryani House Cart Has Some Competition

I believe this cart has been in this spot for a while, but I just noticed the Bombay Biryany cart parked on Broadway and Liberty, across from the Biryani House cart. And guess what? They also serve chicken biryani. For some reason, they seem like they’re promoting the $4 hot dog and soda special over the cart’s namesake dish, so I’m a little skeptical. Anyone tried the biryani from this cart?

Unconventional Chicken Tikka At Biryani House Is Worth Checking Out

I haven’t been back to check out the Biryani House cart after eating both their biryani and kati rolls the first week they opened. They were both good, but I also had my eye on the chicken tikka masala and some of the seafood over rice options. I headed over to see if the chicken tikka was any good and if they’d changed their menu at all. Basically, I was just looking for an excuse to eat street meat. Read more »

Biryani House Cart May Be My New Favorite Street Meat Source In The FiDi

There have been a couple of new additions to the downtown cart scene recently, and I spotted another one last week with the Biryani House Cart, on Liberty St. (nr. Broadway). Midtown has the famed Biryani Cart and the Kati Roll shop and I was always a little jealous that we didn’t really have a cart or shop where you could consistently get good biryani or kati rolls, aka, Indian burritos. You have no idea how excited I was when I saw this cart had been added to the collection on Liberty St.

I happened to check out Biryani House on its second day of existence, and was excited to learn that it’s not just a transplant from midtown like its next-door neighbor the 99% Vegetarian Food Cart. Nope, this is a spankin’ new cart, as its friendly owner from Bangladesh told me. Read more »