A-Pou’s Taste Cart Now Offers A Mash Up Of Taiwanese And Indian Lunches

After a streak of offering nothing but Taiwanese potstickers, the A-Pou’s Taste cart at Liberty St. & Broadway has been on something of a streak of adding non-dumpling dishes to the menu. Not that any of us got sick of those delicious, crisp-bottomed dumplings, but maybe they got sick of cooking nothing but them?

To my surprise, when I stopped by the other day to investigate a sign announcing a new chicken curry dish, there were two Indian men working at the cart instead of a tiny Taiwanese woman. The man – who informed me he was Bangladeshi – got super excited when I ordered the chicken curry, proclaiming it his favorite dish. It turns out he should be proud of this Indian curry served alongside Taiwanese dumplings and Chinese spaghetti

This is the third “over rice” dish offered at A-Pou’s. You can also get basil chicken over rice or noodles, or a vegetable curry. These dishes are all $6.

As I said, there was some excitement when I ordered the chicken curry, and I got a sprinkle of chopped cilantro, a mystery cup of something alongside it, and a bonus scoop of the vegetable curry before my lunch was packed up and handed over. My $6 went a long way!

First thing: The “cup of something” was warm, sweet red bean and barley soup. It wasn’t what my taste buds were expecting, but hit the spot after the curry. A strange combo with the chicken curry, sure, but good.

Of the two curries heaped into my container, the chicken was the winner for me. Not that the vegetable curry of potato, celery and other root vegetables was bad, but it was more sweet than the spicier chicken version, which was made with pulled dark meat chicken. Still, at a mostly carnivorous cart, many of you will likely be happy to find a vegetarian option.

And can I just say this was one of the best chicken curries I think I’ve ever had? It had so much flavor, and I found myself devouring it and all of the rice underneath. As I said before, the man had a right to be proud of his curry.

If the line’s too long at the neighboring carts and you’re in the mood for curry, I can say you’ll probably walk away satisfied at A-Pou’s Taste.

A-Pou’s Taste Cart , Liberty St. at Broadway


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    I tried the chicken curry around 2 p.m. today (wasn’t given the “cup of something”), but have mixed feelings about it. The chicken was borderline mushy, and while the curry was top-notch (with a perfect heat balance), I wish the sauce-to-meat ratio was a bit higher — No satisfying rice-soak here. The rice was, however, “soaked” in that there was way too much water in it when cooked. We’re talking borderline congee here.

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