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Trying The Namesake Dish At NY Express Biryani Cart

There is no limit to the love for a good plate of biryani from a cart, apparently, as several new carts have popped up all over the Financial District lately. One of the latest, NY Express Biryani, made the ballsy move to set up shop right across the street from the Biryani House Cart on William St. (at John). As the weeks went by, I saw the line grow at NY Express and decided it was time to check it out. The menu is fairly broad, including kati rolls, biryani, the usual meats over rice and falafel, and because I’m indecisive I opted to start with the dish the cart is named after.

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Catch Chinese Mirch, Snap Truck At Lent Space: For your eating pleasure today, the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker shows Gorilla Cheese at Hanover Sq., Jiannetto's at Front & Wall, Bistro Truck's at Old Slip & Water, Blend's at Water & Broad, Tribeca Taco's at Water & John, Korilla's at Front & Gouverneur, and the WFC lot has Mexico Blvd., Mike N Willie's, Rickshaw and Wafels & Dinges (also at 60 Wall). Soho has Milk Truck at Varick & Charlton, Bob & Jo at Varick & King, Frites N Meats at Hudson & King, while the Lent Space has Snap Truck and Chinese Mirch for the second to last time.

Foley Square Hosting Eat Real NYC Food Festival Today

Apologies for not posting this sooner, but there’s an event involving food today from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Foley Square which is over by City Hall at 60 Centre St. above Chambers. The event, Eat Real NYC, is a “field to fork festival” and farmers market and involves chefs and other vendors with things for you to eat and drink. You can buy tickets for two tastes for $10 and upward. According to the blog, there will also be a woman there selling Haitian sandwiches and other items, if that’s your jam.

Rickshaw & Sweetery Are On Hudson St.: Let's start with what's happening in Soho today on the Twitter Tracker. Rickshaw and Sweetery are at Hudson & King, Korilla's at Varick & Vandam, Bistro Truck and Fishing Shrimp are at Varick & Charlton and Lent Space has Mexico Blvd. and Taim. Meanwhile way downtown, Jiannetto's is at Front & Wall, Bob & Jo's at Old Slip & Water, Frites N Meats is at Hanover Sq., the WFC lot has Cupcake Crew, Phil's Steaks, Bongo Brothers, Munchie Mobile and Palenque, Hibachi Heaven's at Water & Broad and Cinnamon Snail and Tribeca Taco are at Wall & Water.

The Squeeze Cart Brings Us Raw Food, Juices, “Living Lattes”

While heading to lunch yesterday I spotted a brightly-hued new cart at the corner of Pearl St. & Hanover Sq. It’s called The Squeeze, and serves fancy juices (my eyes glazed over after I saw the $8.95 price tag), along with something called “living lattes” and some raw vegan breakfast and lunch items including sandwiches, salads and some sort of hot dog involving kimchi. Click through to see how many food forms cashews can take!

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Soma’s Dumpling Rice Cake Soup Packs A Carby, Meaty Punch

Last week I wasn’t feeling so great, and come lunch time visions of noodle soup were dancing in my head. Ramen was the first thing to come to mind, but there aren’t many great options down here that didn’t require me to walk many blocks on a cold day. Instead, I honed in on good old reliable Soma by Nature on William St. (btw. John & Fulton) with every intention of trying their ramen or udon soup, but then I saw something called dumpling rice cake soup which was described as “dumpling rice cake, drop egg in beef stock.” I had no idea what this meant, but I ordered myself some and prepared to find out.

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WFC Has Empanadas, Momo, Baked Goods: Your options on the Twitter Tracker today include...Toum at Wall & Water, Comme Ci Comme Ca's at Old Slip & Water, Jiannetto's is at Wall & Front, Morris Grilled Cheese's at Water & John, Souvlaki GR's at Old Slip & Front, and the WFC lot has Shorty's, Chinese Mirch, Gorilla Cheese, Sweetery and Nuchas. Up in Soho, Crisp's at Hudson & King.