Street Meat Replaces Jamaican In Old R. Retha’s Spot

Bad news on the Caribbean cart beat – it looks like R. Retha’s, aka the Jamaican Dutchy, is gone for good. The Jamaican cart was last seen back in April being towed away with a yellow Department of Health sticker affixed to it. When I walked by last week the spot at William & Beaver had been taken over by the New York Halal cart which seems like it might be OK, but doesn’t serve giant plates of jerk chicken. Looks like those of you who work this far down in the Financial District will have to make do with the Trinidad & Tobago cart at Whitehall & Water from now on.



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    I saw a jerk cart a little more up the block (almost next to this halal stand). I actually stood on it’s line on accident thinking it was the halal my friend had just got. I ended up getting food from the Halal stand shown, OK at best.

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      Where was this other jerk chicken cart (like what corner/street)? I didn’t see one the day I walked by, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

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