Is The Cheese Slice At Cafe 41 Worth Your $1?

Ever since Cafe 41 opened in the space formerly occupied by beloved deli Patuca on John St. (btw. Nassau & William), they’ve been trying to find their hook. First, it was trying to lure people in with healthy eats, but then they started offering $1 slices and that’s when I took notice. Because I think we all know that while people don’t really want a chopped salad, they do want dirt cheap pizza.

You have to go all the way to the back for the slices. They had other varieties of pizza that didn’t look too bad, but I had my mind on the plain slice. You can get up to two of the $1 slices, or two slices and a soda for $5 which I’m assuming includes those with toppings. I was happy to find that there’s no tax either, so it’s a truly cheap lunch.

The end crust (or the pizza bone, if you will) was a little bit on the thick side and there was a sheen of grease on top of the cheese, but otherwise, not bad! There was a sufficient amount of cheese, the sauce wasn’t offensive and the crust was nicely crisped yet still foldable.

I’ve had far worse slices for more money, and I’d say this is on par if not a little better than the $1 slices of Roll and Go and Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza up on Broadway. You should probably take advantage of this cheap slice deal while you can, as it’s supposedly a grand opening special.

Cafe 41, 41 John St. (btw. Nassau & William), (212) 227-4374


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